H-250 Barton Convertible Chair Solutions Rental

What's Included
  • Barton H-250 Convertible Chair
  • PTS System (If Requested)
Additional Options
  • Delivery And Set-Up To The Home (Fees Apply) (Call For Pricing)

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Product Description

H-250 Medical Convertible Chair Solutions

The H-250 Barton Positioning and Transfer System (PTS™). Tested and proven in hospitals and nursing homes, the system reduces the time and number of caregivers required to transfer a patient. Consistent and proper use of the system can lead to a dramatic reduction in injuries. PTS gives caregivers the ability to transfer a non-ambulatory or limited-mobility patient safely and easily. One caregiver can perform almost any lateral surface to surface transfer, whether it be from bed to stretcher, stretcher to exam-procedure table, bed to bed or other combinations.


  • Performs the functions of stretcher, mobile chair and custom seating
  • Designed to be used in hospitals, nursing homes and assisted-living centers, the I-series chairs offer myriad functions
  • Comfortable seating and heavy-duty central locking and steering casters allow easy mobility that is safe for the patient and caregiver
  • With specialized padding, patient is able to stay in the chair and out of bed for longer durations with reduced risk of pressure ulcers
  • Customized features allow the chair to be set to the patient: adjustable head, leg and armrests, side supports, height adjustable
  • Tilt-in-space capability
  • Trendelenburg position feature
  • Allows for lateral transfers with one caregiver in conjunction with the Barton Positioning and Transfer System (PTS)
  • Welded, seamless cushions help reduce infection control concerns


Brand Barton Medical
Weight Capacity 250lbs.
Seat Width 17″
Seat Depth 18.5″
Overall Width 24.5″


Additional Information
Product Type


Weight Capacity

250 lbs

Weekly Price


Monthly Price


Seat Width


Seat Depth


Overall Width


Overall Height

Prone: 26″, Wheelchair 53″ to 60″

Overall Length

Prone: 71″ to 84″, Wheelchair 49″ to 51.5″



Back Angle

0° to 70°

Tilt N Space Angle

0° to 17°

Headrest Adjustable Height


Footrest Adjustable Height



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Can I return a rental before the due date?

You can return the rental equipment before the due date, however you will be charged for the full rental period.