Hoyer Journey or Bestcare Beststand Sit-To-Stand Patient Lift Rental

What's Included
  • Hoyer Journey or Bestcare BestStand Sit-To-Stand Lift
Additional Options
  • Sit-To-Stand Lift Sling is NOT INCLUDED. Sling prices start at $40.
  • Delivery and Set-Up fees apply. Call for pricing.

Call Now for Rental
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Product Description

Hoyer Journey or Bestcare BestStand Sit-To-Stand Patient Lift Rental. The Hoyer and Bestcare Sit-To-Stand Lifts are 2 of the most reliable lifts available. We rent out to the Los Angeles and greater Los Angeles areas. We offer the best prices and same day or next day delivery on all of our rentals and train you on proper use of all rented equipment. Please feel free to call us at 818-705-0606 if you have any questions regarding the Hoyer Journey Sit-To-Stand Lift or the Bestcare BestStand Sit-To-Stand Lift rental.


  • Weight capacity of 350lbs
  • Sling NOT included, price varies by sling type
  • Local Delivery and Pickup (Fees Apply)
Additional Information
Product Type

Electric Patient Lifts, Stand Up

Weight Capacity

(Hoyer 341lbs) (Bestcare 400lbs)

Weekly Price


Monthly Price



(Hoyer 36.6″) (Bestcare 40″)

Base Width

(Hoyer 26.6″-37.4″) (Bestcare 26″-38″

Height Of Boom

(Hoyer 27.4″-62″) (Bestcare 33″-68″)

Ground Clearance

(Hoyer 4.5″) (Bestcare 4.7″)


(Hoyer 88.6lbs) (Bestcare 116lbs)


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Can I return a rental before the due date?

You can return the rental equipment before the due date, however you will be charged for the full rental period.