Inogen One G3 IS-300 Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rental

Inogen One G3 IS-300 Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rental (PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED)

What's Included
  • Portable Oxygen Concentrator
  • AC Power Supply
  • DC Power Supply
  • Nasal Cannula
  • Battery
  • Carry Bag

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Product Description

Inogen One G3 IS-300 Portable Oxygen Concentrator. All our rental equipment is either brand new or in a good condition, thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after every rental.

The new Inogen One G3 delivers the independence of our original oxygen concentrators, but it’s smaller, lighter, and makes more oxygen per pound with a longer battery life. In addition to the Inogen One Portable Oxygen Concentrator, the listed accessories below comprise the Inogen One System. The Inogen One System includes everything that you need to achieve independence.

The Inogen One G3 is intended for use everywhere, as it is your single solution oxygen concentrator. Use it at home and bring it on the road, you’ll never need to switch over from your home oxygen to your portable oxygen. The same goes for daytime use and nighttime use: the Inogen One G3 is the single solution for both. The Inogen One is Oxygen. Anytime. Anywhere and users have the portability and freedom to do what they want, when they want to do it, without burdens or constraints.


  • Only 4.8 pounds!
  • 4 Flow Settings
  • Battery Life – 9 hour battery option
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Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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Can I return a rental before the due date?

You can return the rental equipment before the due date, however you will be charged for the full rental period.