Invacare MA55 Alternating Pressure with On-Demand Low Air Loss Mattress Rental

What's Included
  • Invacare MA55 Air Mattress
  • Invacare Compressor/Pump
Additional Options
  • New mattress cover is available for this air mattress. Price for a new cover is $180.
  • Delivery and Set-Up Fees Apply. Call For Pricing.

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Product Description

The microAIR MA55 mattress features a state-of-the-art compressor and quick connect coupler for easy setup and effective therapy cycles. For added peace-of-mind, the solenoid valve system allows the mattress to remain inflated during a power outage. The features include:


  • Adjust pressure by 25%, 50% or 75% for customized comfort
  • Lockout button prevents against tampering or accidental adjustments
  • Roll up mattress and use carrying strap for convenient carrying and storage
  • Manual fowler button prevents bottoming out
  • Dual-layered, quilted nylon cover helps reduce friction and shear

Q & A

If I have a power outage, will this mattress still remain inflated?

Yes, if you happen to have a power outage at your home, the mattress will still remain inflated.

What size is this mattress?

The Invacare MA55 Air Matress we rent is a 36Wx80L.

Additional Information
Product Type


Weight Capacity

350 lbs

Monthly Price





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Can I return a rental before the due date?

You can return the rental equipment before the due date, however you will be charged for the full rental period.