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Product Description

One chair, many lives.

Therapists everywhere tell us the Rifton Activity Chair is perfect for feeding, speech therapy, active learning, and for clients with sensory processing challenges. Not only that; parents see what it can do for their child in the classroom and realize how much they need it at home, too.

Rifton’s clinical positioning chair has revolutionized active seating. Versatile, adaptable, durable – this is a chair therapists designed.

The Benefits:

Tool free adjustments, while client is in the Rifton Activity Chair.

Wide range of optional accessories available to create an adaptive chair providing customized active seating for your client – whether in early intervention, school, home, rehab or day hab – from the client with autism to one with more involved physical challenges such as cerebral palsy.

Two Chair Base Options:

Hi/lo base for easy transfers, optimal positioning, and instant access to any activity.

Standard base for regular classroom use and ideal for students with autism who need calming through self-generated motion (self-stimming).


Use the slides below to learn more about the features of the Rifton Activity Chair.

Tool-free adjustments

toolfreeadjustmentsWith all adjustments easy to make – and no tools required – the Rifton Activity chair is an ideal choice for the busy special needs classroom or at home.

The lateral supports are fully adjustable in height, width and angle – all with one knob, which, by the way, can’t ever fall off and get lost.

toolfreeadjustmentsabductor[1]Every white button and lever indicates a point of adjustment, as shown here with the abductor.

toolfreeadjustmentsseatbelt[1]All it takes is a pen to remove seatbelt and harness clips, making these attachments easy to use and tool-free, yet child-proof.

Adjust with client in the chair

adjust-with-child-in-chair[1]Unlike a reclining wheelchair, the Rifton Activity chair can be easily adjusted while a client is in the chair. This saves time and makes adjustments much simpler to gauge.

Seat depth can be safely and easily adjusted while a child is in the chair, by pulling the handle beneath the seat.

tilt_sink_gallery[1]Jeremy’s caregiver can tilt his chair forward simply by squeezing two levers at the back of the chair.

transfer_gallery[1]Transfers are a cinch with foot–pump height adjustment and easily removable armrests.


r850-configured[1]All Rifton Activity Chairs have tilt-in-space, which encourages sit-to-stand and resting positions. Tilt-in-space can be activated tool-free while your client is in the chair.

The standard base tilts 15° forward and 15° back while thehi/lo base tilts 15° forward and 25° back.

In addition to tilt-in-space, every Rifton Activity Chair’s backrest angle adjusts 5° forward and 20° back.

tilt_hand_gallery[1]Adjust the tilt–in–space angle by squeezing two levers at the back of the chair, as shown.

tilt_sink_gallery[3]Handwashing made easy: tilt ’n go!

tiltnspace[1]And when it’s time to relax in the middle of a busy day, that’s easy too.

Spring option

rifton-activity-chair-spring-range[1]The optional seat and backrest springs on the Rifton Activity Chair standard base (and the backrest spring in the hi/lo base) allow for calming through self-generated motion – ideal for clients with autism. The spring column can be locked when not in use.

rifton-activity-chair-backrest-spring[1]The spring column can be locked and unlocked by turning the white twist-lock collar.

rifton-activity-chair-spring[1]Once his caregiver has unlocked the spring, Mateo calms down by bouncing and rocking.

Arm support options

r840riftonmedstactivitychair[1]Armrests provide lateral boundaries as well as upper extremity weight-bearing assist to aid trunk control. Rifton’s armrests can be raised or lowered individually to accommodate clients who need extra trunk stabilization and can be set at angles ranging from horizontal to 60° up or down. The tray accessory attaches to the armrests.

Armrest top surface:
small: 2¼” x 8¾” large: 3″ x 12″

rifton-activity-chair-arm-support-options[1]Forearm prompts facilitate head and trunk control while sitting and secure distal placement of upper extremities. This enables the use of the pelvic girdle and trunk core muscles for improved postural stabilization and strengthening. Rifton’s forearm prompts are fully adjustable for optimum positioning.

Forearm prompt padded area:
small: 4½” x 7″ large: 5″ x 8½”

Range of adjustment from elbow to fist:
small: 8″ – 12½” large: 10½” – 16″

rifton-activity-chair-armrests-gallery[1]The armrests tilt quickly and easily so Marina can get right up to the computer.

rifton-activity-chair-forearm-support[1]Forearm prompts help Jeremy maintain trunk and head control.

rifton-activity-chair-arm-support-opt[1]With the support of one forearm prompt, Jeremy can use his communication device.

Hi/lo base foot pump

rifton-activity-chair-hi-lo-foot-pump[1]The large and medium hi/lo bases are height-adjustable via a foot pump. The foot pump allows you to lower the client in the chair until his or her feet are on the floor, or raise it to a 32″ high table. The chair’s height can also be easily set for lateral transfers.

The small hi/lo base is equipped with a gas spring to serve the same function.

rifton-activity-chair-foot-pump-floor-level[1]Lowering the R850 hi/lo base chair to floor level allows Amy to participate in circle time at eye–level to her peers.

transfer_gallery[1]Transfers are a cinch with foot–pump height adjustment and easily removable armrests.

Caster swivel lock

rifton-activity-chair-caster-lock[1]When the caster swivel lock is engaged, the Activity chair can be pushed in a straight line without drifting to the side. When lock is disengaged, casters will swivel and the chair can be maneuvered into tight spaces.

Choice of 6 pad colors

rifton-activity-chair-pad-colors[1]Comfortable seat and backrest pads are essential for providing cushioned support and preventing decubiti. Rifton’s backrest and seat pads are made of polyurethane foam covered with a cleanable, healthcare-grade polyurethane-coated fabric. The seat pads can be turned front to back for longer wear. Pads are available in six color choices.

Standard base leg options

rifton-activity-chair-leg-choices[1]Long or short height-adjustable legs, either stationary or with casters for the Standard base: Adjustable in 1″ increments, these legs allow you to position your client at optimum height. The grippy tips of the stationary legs are designed to keep your client from sliding and moving across the floor, even with dynamic rocking. The legs with casters are an added feature, making your standard base chair easy to move when transitioning from one classroom to another.

Small standard base (R820) Small hi/lo base (R830) Medium standard base (R840) Medium hi/lo base (R850) Large standard base (R860) Large hi/lo base (R870)
user_heighttrans[1] The user’s overall height is a general guide to help you select the appropriate chair. Choose the model that allows for growth.
User’s overall height 28*-48″ 
*28-32 requires mini kit
*28-32 requires mini kit
40-56″ 40-56″ 50-74″ 50-74″
Frame width Short legs: 21
Long legs: 23
Short legs with casters: 22½
Long legs with casters: 23½
25 Short legs: 23¼
Long legs: 24½
Short legs with casters: 24½
Long legs with casters: 25½
27½ Short legs: 26¼
Long legs: 26¼
Short legs with casters: 27¾
Long legs with casters: 27¾
Seat height above floor Short legs: 9½-12½
Long legs: 18½-21½
Short legs with casters: 13½-16½
Long legs with casters: 18½-21½
10 – 25 Short legs: 12½ – 16½
Long legs: 19 – 23
Short legs with casters: 16 – 20
Long legs with casters: 19 – 23
12 – 23 Short legs: 16½ – 20½
Long legs: 20 – 24
Short legs with casters: 16½ – 20½
Long legs with casters: 20 – 24
16 – 24
Seat angle for tilt-in-space 15° forward, 15° back 15° forward, 25° back 15° forward, 15° back 15° forward, 25° back 15° forward, 15° back 15° forward, 25° back
Backrest angle adjustment 5° forward, 20° back 5° forward, 20° back 5° forward, 20° back 5° forward, 20° back 5° forward, 20° back 5° forward, 20° back
Seat height above footboard 9 – 12 9 – 12 12 – 16½ 12 – 16½ 15 – 20 15 – 20
Seat height above footboard with footboard lift 6 – 9 6 – 9 8 – 12½ 8 – 12½ 11 – 16 11 – 16
Seat width with hip guides 7 – 9 7 – 9 8½ – 11½ 8½ – 11½ 11 – 14 11 – 14
Seat width without hip guides 12 12 14 14 17 17
Seat depth 8 – 12
7 – 11 with “mini kit”
8 – 12
7 – 11 with “mini kit”
11 – 16 11 – 16 15 – 20 15 – 20
Armrest height 5 – 7½ 5 – 7½ 7 – 10½ 7 – 10½ 7 – 10½ 7 – 10½
Distance between laterals 5½ – 11½ 5½ – 11½ 6½ – 12 6½ – 12 9½ – 14 9½ – 14
Backrest height above seat 12½ – 15½ 12½ – 15½ 15½ – 19 15½ – 19 19 – 24 19 – 24
Headrest height above seat 14½ – 21 14½ – 21 17½ – 24½ 17½ – 24½ 19½ – 29½ 19½ – 29½
Maximum working load (lbs) 75 75 150 150 250 250

Use the slides below to learn more about the accessories of the Rifton Activity Chair.
Note: All accessories fit both Hi/Lo and Standard Rifton Activity Chair bases, although shown on a Standard base here.

Push handles

r878-rifton-activity-chair-push-handle[1]Recommended for all chairs with wheels, push handles make it easy for the caregiver to maneuver and transport a client in the Activity Chair from one place to another.

rifton-activity-chair-pushhandles[1]The push handles on the Rifton Activity Chair.


r897-rifton-activity-chair-headrest-contoured[1]Headrests optimally position clients with poor head control. Contoured headrests adjust front to back and up and down. They attach tool-free to the backrest using Rifton’s unique two-knob adjustment system.

Dimensions: 9″x 5″

r898-rifton-activity-chair-headrest-flat[1]Flat headrests adjust front to back and up and down.

Dimensions: 9″x 5″

r881-rifton-activity-chair-winged[1]Winged headrests adjust front to back and up and down. The side wing pads adjust from almost flat to 90°.

Dimensions: 16″x 5″ when flat to 6″ between wings at 90°

rifton-activity-chair-headrest[1]The headrest on the Rifton Activity Chair.

Lateral supports

r828-rifton-activity-chair-lateral[1]Necessary for clients who need good upper body support,lateral supports are important for proper alignment of the spine. Laterals help position your client correctly and securely and are independently adjustable vertically and horizontally. Lateral supports can be purchased with or without a chest strap attached.

Small: 5″ x 4″
Large: 6½” x 5″

r819-rifton-activity-chair-laterals[1]With the addition of a wide chest strap to the laterals, clients without upper torso control gain added trunk support and security to help correct alignment of the spine.

rifton-activity-chair-laterals[1]The lateral supports on the Rifton Activity Chair.

Chest strap

r802-rifton-activity-chair-chest-strap[1]The chest strap provides added trunk support with its wide and comfortably padded strap. The chest strap is for clients without upper torso control who need extra support and security. Made from padded, anti-microbial, high performance material.

Maximum circumference:
Small: 34″
Medium: 40″
Large: 52″

Width of strap:
Small: 3″
Medium: 3¾”
Large: 4″

rifton-activity-chair-cheststrap[1]The chest strap on the Rifton Activity Chair.

Tray & handhold

r667-rifton-activity-chair-tray[1]The tray attaches to armrests and provides a work, play and feeding surface with raised edges. It can be set at angles ranging from horizontal to 60° up or down, and can be raised or lowered to suit your client’s needs.

Note: The tray attaches to the armrests only, not to forearm prompts.

Tray width x depth / Cut out width x depth:
Small: 19″ x 18″ / Small: 11 ½” wide x 5″ deep
Medium: 22″ x 20″ / Medium: 13½” wide x 6″ deep
Large: 25½” x 23″ / Large: 16″ wide x 7 ½” deep

r649-rifton-activity-chair-handhold[1]The handhold attaches to tray for arm and hand positioning to control spasticity. Handholds are especially for clients with spastic muscle tone and are helpful for proper joint alignment.

rifton-activity-chair-tray-handholdjpg[1]The tray and handhold on the Rifton Activity Chair.

Butterfly harnesses

r834-rifton-activity-chair-butterfly[1]Necessary for clients needing more support for trunk control while sitting. When adjusted to fit snugly and comfortably, the butterfly harness provides maximum anterior support giving security, safety and freedom of movement.

r826-rifton-activity-chair-slim-cut[1]The slim cut is an alternative butterfly harness especially designed for larger female clients needing more support for trunk control while sitting. When adjusted to fit snugly and comfortably, the butterfly harness provides maximum anterior support giving security, safety and freedom of movement.

The slim cut butterfly harness may also be more suitable for clients with a feeding tube, depending on the location of the port. For a client who is the minimum size for their Activity Chair the slim cut butterfly harness may provide a better fit, especially for children who have narrow shoulders.

rifton-activity-chair-butterfly[1]The butterfly harness on the Rifton Activity Chair.

Thigh belt

rifton-activity-chair-thighbelt[1]A thigh belt gives additional support and security for the client’s thighs while helping to adduct their knees.

Maximum circumference:
Small: 32″
Medium: 41″
Large: 52″

rifton-activity-chair-thighbelt-location[1]The thigh belt on the Rifton Activity Chair.

Pelvic harness

rifton-activity-chair-pelvicharnessjpg[1]An alternative to a typical seat belt, the pelvic harnessfirmly positions a client’s pelvis by securing hips and upper thighs without pressure on the abdomen. The pelvic harness provides a stable, comfortable base for postural control and encourages proper alignment of the spine. It also controls extreme extensor spasticity that can result in sacral sitting.

Max. thigh circumference:
Small: 22″
Medium: 25″
Large: 31″

rifton-activity-chair-pelvicharness-location[1]The pelvic harness on the Rifton Activity Chair.

Hip guides

r814-rifton-activity-chair-hip-guide[1]Hip guides provide a snug, comfortable fit giving the client security and safety. Placed at the sides of the pelvis to align a client’s torso, they provide maximum support of trunk control while sitting. Hip guides can also be important for proper alignment of the spine. They independently adjust vertically and horizontally.

Available in small: 3¼” x 5½” and large: 4″ x 9¼”

rifton-activity-chair-hipguides[1]The hip guides on the Rifton Activity Chair. Hip guides are attached to the arm supports and can therefore be easily removed with them for transfers. Hip guides can be used with both types of arm supports— armrests or forearm prompts.


r884-rifton-activity-chair-abductor[1]Necessary for good joint and body alignment of clients with dysfunctional muscle control. The abductor separates knees and helps to control spastic muscles that cause legs to scissor. The abductor can be adjusted backward and forward in three positions to improve postural control.

Available in:

small: 3″ wide x 6″ long x 3½” high
large: 4″ wide x 7½” long x 4″ high

rifton-activity-chair-abductor[1]The abductor on the Rifton Activity Chair.


r892-rifton-activity-chair-adductor[1]Necessary for clients with limited muscle control that results in abduction of lower extremities. Adductors provide a comfortable lateral boundary for client’s knees and maintain proper body and joint alignment by supporting each leg individually.

One size only: 5″ high x 6″ long

rifton-activity-chair-adductors[1]The adductors on the Rifton Activity Chair.

Leg prompts

r854-rifton-activity-chair-leg-prompt[1]Helpful for clients with limited muscle control, leg promptsmaintain body and joint alignment when sitting, by supporting each leg individually with a strap that passes around the front. Leg prompts move both in and out and laterally for maximum adjustment.

Maximum circumference:
Small: 14″
Medium: 16″
Large: 18″

rifton-activity-chair-legprompts[1]The leg prompt on the Rifton Activity Chair.


rifton-activity-chair-footboard[1]The footboard is used for placement of feet and some weight-bearing through legs and feet during functional sitting activities. Also required for attaching sandals and ankle straps to meet specific positioning needs. The footboard swings backward out of the way for sit-to-stand transfers, or clients can use the footboard as a step for transfers.

rifton-activity-chair-footboard-lift[1]The footboard lift provides additional elevation, enabling shorter legs to reach the footboard. Available for all three chair sizes.

Small adds 3″
Medium and large add 4″

rifton-activity-chair-footboard-location[1]The footboard on the Rifton Activity Chair.

Ankle straps

rifton-activity-chair-anklestraps[1]Ankle straps require the footboard and secure the feet of clients with limited muscle control and excursion movement. They enable a moderate range of movement while improving independence in postural control. Ankle straps help maintain body alignment by supporting each leg individually.

Maximum circumference:
Small: 12″
Large: 16½”

rifton-activity-chair-anklestraps-location[1]The ankle straps on the Rifton Activity Chair.

Note: Ankle straps cannot be used simultaneously with sandals.


rifton-activity-chair-sandals-only[1]Sandals require the footboard and are necessary for clients who are unable to control leg movement. They adjust to correctly position client’s feet. Sandals also align the client’s body for optimum positioning, enhancing good posture and proper joint alignment.

Small: 3″ x 7″
Medium: 4″ x 9″
Large: 5″ x 10½”

rifton-activity-chair-sandals[1]A pair of sandals on the Rifton Activity Chair.

Note: Sandals cannot be used simultaneously with ankle straps.


rifton-activity-chair-wedges[1]Wedges require sandals and are especially for clients with specific ankle positioning needs or uneven leg lengths. Position them under the sandals to enhance good posture and align body for optimum positioning. Use them to raise heels or toes, or combine two wedges under one sandal to add flat lift. Same measurements as sandals.

Small: 1″
Medium: 1¼”
Large: 1½”

rifton-activity-chair-wedges-location[1]A pair of wedges on the Rifton Activity Chair.

Lumbar and seat support kit

rifton-activity-chair-lumbarkit-only[1]The lumbar and seat support kit can be custom cut for extra postural support and proper joint and spine alignment for a specific client. Insert the lumbar support behind the backrest pad and place the seat support under the seat pad, toward the front, to prevent client from sliding forward. Made from durable, dense foam. Attaches with adhesive-backed hook and loop strips.

rifton-activity-chair-lumbarkit[1]The lumbar and seat support kit on the Rifton Activity Chair.

Backrest filler pad

rifton-activity-chair-filler-pad[1]The backrest filler pad fills the space between the bottom edge of the backrest and the top edge of the seat when backrest is in one of the top three positions. Can be used to provide additional lower back support.

rifton-activity-chair-filler-pad-location[1]The backrest filler pad on the Rifton Activity Chair.

Mini kit

r812-rifton-activity-chair-mini-kit[1]The mini kit makes the small Activity Chair a prime option for the smallest child – from approximately six months up to two years. Remove it as the child grows and use the same chair for many more years.

Footboard lift adds 3″, trunk support max. circumference is 26″, backrest pad is 1″ thick.

rifton-activity-chair-minikit[1]The Mini kit on the Rifton Activity Chair.

Whitmyer adapter

r804-rifton-activity-chair-adapt-plate[1]Some Whitmyer headrests can now be installed on all Rifton Activity Chairs. This adapter plate gives you the option to use a Whitmyer M2100 headrest mounting bracket and the Whitmyer Onyx headrest support system.

(Note: Rifton supplies only the adapter plate and a wrench. Whitmyer mounting brackets and headrests must be purchased from a Whitmyer supplier.)

rifton-activity-chair-whitmyeradapt[1]The Whitmyer adapter plate on the Rifton Activity Chair.


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