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Product Description

Ride with your friends!

Most of us have fond memories of childhood bike rides. At Rifton we believe everyone deserves the chance to ride, especially someone with physical disabilities.

And thankfully, even insurers and other funding sources are beginning to recognize that for a person with disabilities, a trike is far more than merely recreational; an adaptive tricycle is often medically necessary for someone who cannot walk independently or who sits for long hours in a wheelchair.

The Benefits:

Therapeutic benefits of tricycling:

  • Lower extremity strengthening
  • Reciprocal leg motion patterning
  • Balancing skills
  • Using visual, spatial perception for steering
  • Social interaction with peers and neighbors

Benefits of using the Rifton Adaptive Tricycle:

  • No-tool adjustments
  • Our tricycles meet or exceed all ANSI safety standards for adaptive tricycles
  • Accessories such as the trunk support system and front or rear steering bar customize the tricycle to meet your child or client’s needs


Riding a bike is part of childhood, and this bike for children with special needs aims to provide that exhilarating experience to every child. We’ve thought through all the features – from the supportive backrest to the low transfer step – that will make this tricycle as accommodating as possible. Use the slides below to learn more about Rifton’s Adaptive Tricycles.

Choice of handlebar

rifton-tricycle-handlebars[1]Choose a traditional handlebar with conventional handgrips or a padded loop handlebar for extra support. Learn more about the features and benefits of these handlebars in the next slides.

rifton-tricycle-handlebars-loopgrip[1]The foam-padded loop handlebar adjusts in height, and positions at any angle.

rifton-tricycle-handlebars-loopknobs[1]Two oval knobs on the loop handlebar allow it to be set at the angle most comfortable for the user.

rifton-tricycle-handlebars-loopheight[1]Loosening the oval knob on the steering column allows the handlebar to be raised and lowered. Tightening the knob locks it in place.

rifton-tricycle-handlebars-loopbrake[1]The handbrake attaches anywhere on the foam-padded loop handlebar. The large adaptive Tricycle R140 comes with the handbrake installed. It is an optional accessory for the medium trike R130. A handbrake is not available with the small trike R120.

rifton-tricycle-handlebars-convbrake[1]The handbrake comes with the large adaptive Tricycle R140. It is an optional accessory with the medium trike R130. A handbrake is not available with the small trike R120.

rifton-tricycle-handlebars-convgrip[1]The height-adjustable conventional handlebar for Rifton adaptive Tricycles has standard handgrips.

Easy access

rifton-tricycle-easy-access[1]Open access combined with a low transfer step makes it easy to get on and off Rifton adaptive trikes.

Hook & loop straps

rifton-tricycle-hooknloop-straps[1]With the hook and loop straps on the self-leveling pedals, feet are secure. Your client can ride unaided, and have healthy exercise and fun.

Parking brake

rifton-tricycle-parking-brake[1]The easily engaged parking brake grips both back wheels, and keeps the Rifton adaptive trike firmly in place.

Puncture proof wheels

rifton-tricycle-tires[1]Puncture proof BMX-type wheels. A low gear ratio makes pedaling easier for beginners, and slows down speeders.

Seat choices

rifton-tricycle-seats[1]Seats are made with comfort and safety in mind. The large R140 trike comes with the large seat. For the small R120 and medium R130 models, choose your size:

Small: 10″ wide x 10″ long
Large: 16″ wide x 12″ long

Storage box

rifton-tricycle-storage-box[1]There’s a tote box at the back of your trike for storage or for transporting items.


Carmakers believe in the long-term benefits of baked-on powder coating. So do we.

Designed to stand up to wind and weather, our colors also conform to American and European toy safety standards.

Our adaptive Tricycle is available in 4 colors: red, blue, lime and raspberry. This slide shows a red Tricycle; swipe or click the arrows to view the other colors.

Small Rifton Tricycle (R120) Medium Rifton Tricycle (R130) Large Rifton Tricycle (R140)
inside_leg_lengthtrans[1] The client’s extended leg should reach comfortably from seat to pedal when both feet and torso are strapped into place.
Inside leg length 17 – 22 22 – 28 25 – 35
Seat center to extended pedal 17-22 22-28 25-35
Overall height 37 40 53
Overall length 45 52 65
Overall width 27 27 31
Seat to top of trunk support 15½–22 15½–22 15½–22
Distance between laterals 8-14 8-14 8-14
Wheel diameter 13 15 19
Gear ratio (approximate) 1:1 1:1 1:1
Seat sizes Small (10½ x 10½)
Large (12 x 16)
Small (10½ x 10½)
Large (12 x 16)
Large (12 x 16)
Tray sizes† Small (8½ x 12½) – max load: 10 lbs Small (8½ x 12½) – max load: 10 lbs
Large (11½ x 13½) – max load: 15 lbs
Small (8½ x 12½) – max load: 10 lbs
Large (11½ x 13½) – max load: 15 lbs
Item weight (lbs) 47 56 65
Maximum working load (lbs) 150 160 200

Use the slides below to learn more about the accessories of the Rifton Adaptive Tricycles.

Communication tray

rifton-tricycle-communication-tray[1]The communication tray is easy to clean and designed to hold many things, including your communication device.

It comes in two sizes:
Small tray (8½” x 12½”) fits the small and medium trikes
Large tray (11½” x 12½”) fits the large trike

Plus, there is a new improvement: The communication tray and front guide bar can now be used simultaneously.

rifton-tricycle-comm-tray[1]The communication tray shown on the Rifton Tricycle.

Trunk support system

r147-rifton-trunk-support-system[1]The trunk support system stabilizes a rider with poor balance. It includes a padded backrest, butterfly harness, and two independent lateral supports.

Dimensions: 14″ wide x 15½” high

An optional headrest is also available to attach tool-free to the trunk support system.

r158-rifton-backrest-tube-with-handle[1]Upgrading your old Rifton Tricycle? If you are purchasing a trunk support system for your existing Rifton Tricycle, be sure to include a new-style backrest tube with handle in your order, as it will not retrofit onto the old-style backrest tubes.

(Any Rifton Tricycle made within the last 12 years can be upgraded.)

rifton-tricycle-trunk-support[1]The trunk support system shown on the Rifton Tricycle.


rifton-tricycle-headrests[1]A headrest is available in three styles: winged, contoured, and flat. It adjusts both horizontally and vertically for optimum positioning, and attaches to the trunk support system, tool–free.

rifton-tricycle-headrest[1]The contoured headrest shown on the Rifton Tricycle.

Additional backrest pad

r145-rifton-backrest-pad[1]The additional backrest pad with security strap provides extra support.

rifton-tricycle-additional-backrest[1]The additional backrest pad shown on the Rifton Tricycle.


r121-rifton-small-abductor[1]The abductor provides comfortable abduction if needed. Just set it in place, tool-free. Abductors for the medium R130 and large R140 Tricycles are height-adjustable with a snap button.

rifton-tricycle-abductor[1]The abductor shown on the Rifton Tricycle.

Front guide bar

r135-rifton-front-guide-bar[1]Front guide bar attaches securely to the handlebar and lets a caregiver guide the Rifton Tricycle from the front. Ideal for beginners who can’t steer themselves.

rifton-tricycle-front-guide-bar[1]The front guide bar shown on the Rifton Tricycle.

Front pulley

r144-rifton-front-pulley[1]The front pulley maintains a level pedal position for riders whose extreme tone forces the front of the pedal downward.

rifton-tricycle-front-pulley[1]The front pulley shown on the Rifton Tricycle.

Rear steering bar

r123-rifton-rear-steering-bar[1]Rear steering bar lets a caregiver guide the Rifton Tricycle from behind, enabling the rider to see ahead. It is ideal for riders who can’t steer themselves.

rifton-tricycle-rear-stear[1]The rear steering bar shown on the Rifton Tricycle.

Stationary stand

r155-rifton-stationary-stand[1]The stationary stand converts any Rifton Tricycle into a stationary trainer for pedaling practice or rainy-day activity.

rifton-tricycle-stationary-stand[1]The stationary stand shown on the Rifton Tricycle.

Warranty Statement

If a Rifton product breaks or fails in service during the first year, we will replace it free of charge.

Return Policy

Are all products returnable?

No. There are no returns on the following categories of products: hospital beds, custom wheelchairs, lift chairs, wound care, incontinence items, masks, braces, stockings, shoes, bath safety products, and all custom built/ordered items including orthopedic supports.

How much are the return restocking fees?

A 25% restocking fees applies to all returns.

What's your return policy?

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. You may return your purchase within 30 days of receipt - see below for exceptions.

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  • Original packaging and materials intact (i.e. instructions, warranty information)
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