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Product Description

Comfortable and adaptable.

Rifton’s Blue Wave bathing system is designed to make bathing a more relaxed and pleasant experience for both client and caregiver. It provides a stable, cushioned yet quick-drying seat for bathing in or out of tubs and showers. First choose the basic bath chair size with the fabric option you prefer, then add a tub stand or mobile shower stand depending on your client’s needs. The tub and shower stands accommodate all three bath chair sizes.


Adjustable, portable and compact for easy storage, the Blue Wave bathing system makes bathing simpler for caregivers and more fun and comfortable for the user.

  • The Tub Stand is used with any size of bath chair, and raises the bath tub chair to a working height, allowing for safer transfers and safe bathing above the water level where this is necessary.
  • The Shower Stand makes the bath chair into a shower chair at caregiver standing height, and has casters that roll easily into the shower. All three sizes of bath chair fit on the same stand.


See the slides below to learn about Rifton’s bath chair features, such as how to use it as a fold up shower chair and how to adjust it even with the client in the chair.

Fabric options

rifton-bath-chair-soft-fabric[1]Choose the bath chair fabric covering that will best meet your client’s or your facility’s needs:

Soft fabric is a sturdy, comfortable polyester knit. It was especially designed for those with extreme scoliosis, young children, and clients with fragile skin. The soft fabric covering comes with extra padding on the bath or shower chair frame.

riftonbathchairstandardfabric[1]Standard fabric, the more durable option, is a vinyl-covered polyester mesh webbing that provides a taut, firm surface which dries quickly after use. Webbing straps help to position the client.

Easy transfers

rifton-bath-chair-easy-transfers[1]A bath chair on the tub stand is at the same level as a wheelchair, for safe transfers into the bath tub.

Folds flat

rifton-bath-chair-folds-flat[1]By adjusting both legs so they lie flat and by placing seat and back at a horizontal position, the Rifton Blue Wave chair can be turned into a folding bath or shower chair convenient for transport and travel or handy in a bathroom that’s short on space.

Height adjustable

rifton-bath-chair-height-adjustable[1]Height adjustments can be made with a client in the bath chair without a tub or shower stand. The basic chair’s legs can be adjusted to bring the chair up to 7″ above the tub floor for safer transfers. The legs can also be folded flat to bring the chair close to the floor if the chair is being used as a living room recliner, for example.

Adjustable angles

rifton-bath-chair-adjustable-angles[1]Red triggers indicate the adjustment points for changing seat and back angles. Adjustments can be made easily, with a client in the chair. Adjusting back and seat to horizontal positions also enables the bath or shower chair to be completey foldable. For comprehensive details of the range of adjustment each bath chair size offers, see oursizes & dimensions chart.

Basic bath chair

rifton-bath-chair-basic-chair[1]The basic Rifton Blue Wave bath and shower chair is available in three sizes: small (E541), medium (E542) and large (E543). Each of these sizes can be used in combination with a tub or shower stand to create a higher bath chair or a mobile shower chair.

Tub stand chair

rifton-bath-chair-tubstand-w-chair[1]Raising the basic bath chair an extra 10″ to a working height, the tub stand allows for safer transfers and allows clients to be bathed above the water level if necessary. All of our bath chair sizes fit on the same stand. See a comprehensive chart of dimensions to determine if the tub stand will fit your needs.

Shower stand chair

rifton-bath-chair-shower-stand-w-chair[1]The mobile shower stand, compatible with any of the three basic bath chair sizes, secures the client for standing caregiver assistance. Its durable plastic casters can be locked into position in a roll-in shower and then unlocked to wheel a client safely out of the shower. The open access frame allows for caregiver assistance with showering. See a comprehensive chart of dimensions to determine if the shower stand will fit your needs.

Leg straps

rifton-bath-chair-legstraps[1]Leg straps, a standard component of every Rifton bath and shower chair, are attached to the frame and can be used for abduction as well as for security and positioning support.

Fabric is removable

rifton-bath-chair-removable-skin[1]The blue bath chair fabric ‘skin’ can be removed for machine washing and for cleaning of the chair’s white plastic frame. To remove it, simply fold the seat and backrest to the most vertical position and remove the fabric by pulling upwards. When ordering, don’t forget to choose the fabric option (above) that fits your client’s needs.

Small Bath Chair (E541) Medium Bath Chair (E542) Large Bath Chair (E543)
user_heighttrans[1] Select the appropriate Supine Stander by the user’s overall height. Choose the model that allows for growth.
User’s overall height Up to 36
(up to 91 cm)
32 – 50
(81 – 127 cm)
46 – 68
(117 – 173 cm)
Seat height 2 – 7
With Tub stand: 11 – 17
With Shower stand: 28
2 – 7
With Tub stand: 11 – 17
With Shower stand: 28
2 – 7
With Tub stand: 11 – 17
With Shower stand: 28
Seat depth 13 13 16½
Seat width 14½ 14½ 14½
Back height 18 25 32
Length of mesh area when flat 32½ 38½ 49½
Base width 17 17 17
Base length when flat 30 30 30
Tub stand height 10 10 10
Tub stand length 32 32 32
Tub stand width 17 17 17
Shower stand height 21 21 21
Shower stand length 33 33 33
Shower stand width 27 27 27
Maximum working load (lbs) 60 120 160
Back and seat angle adjustments 0º, 22º, 45º, 67º, and 90º 0º, 22º, 45º, 67º, and 90º 0º, 22º, 45º, 67º, and 90º

See the slides below for details on the optional accessories available to customize Rifton’s Blue Wave adaptive bathing equipment for your client. 

Tub stand

e517-rifton-tub-stand[1]The tub stand used with any of the three chair sizes, raises the chair for safer transfers and caregiver assistance. No tools are needed for any adjustments. Both stand and chair have slipresistant feet for stability in the tub. The legs fold flat for storage. Quick-release locks allow chair to be attached or removed from stand.

rifton-bath-chair-tubstandwchair[1]The Blue Wave bath chair with the tub stand.

Shower stand

e518-rifton-bathing-shower-stand[1]The mobile shower stand used with any of the three chair sizes, holds the bather for standing caregiver assistance. It has open access to help the client with showering. This sturdy stand has long lasting, smooth rolling, locking casters. Quick-release locks on stand allow easy attachment and removal of chair.

rifton-bath-chair-shower-stand-w-chair[1]The Blue Wave bath chair with the shower stand.

Pair of head blocks

e544-rifton-std-fabric-blue-wave-bathing[1]A pair of head blocks can be added to the adaptive bathing system to provide head positioning. They may also give the client a feeling of security while bathing or showering.

Additional chest strap

rifton-bath-chair-additional-strap[1]An additional chest strap may be ordered for extra trunk support and lateral positioning during bathing.

Conversion kits

rifton-bath-chair-large-conversion-kit[1]Conversion kits are available to convert a Rifton bath chair to a larger size, tool-free, as your client grows. Two kits are available: one to convert a small bath chair to a medium size, and another to convert either a small or medium bath chair to a large size.

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If a Rifton product breaks or fails in service during the first year, we will replace it free of charge.

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