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Product Description

Mobility is for everyone

That simple idea inspired us to design the ever-growing family of Pacers. With five Rifton Pacer gait trainer sizes, we’ve ensured that more clients – infants as young as nine months and adults up to 275 lbs – can experience the benefits of walking and gait training.

Designed for a wide range of clients with varying abilities, Rifton Pacer gait trainers are renowned for their modular design, durability, and flexibility. When appropriately supported and positioned in a Pacer, thousands of people of all ages have enjoyed independence and improved strength and confidence.

The Benefits:

Therapeutic benefits of gait training:

  • Improved cognition
  • Muscle development
  • Skeletal growth and increased bone density
  • Social development and integration

Benefits of using the Pacer for gait training:

  • Prompts that attach anywhere; no tools required
  • Simple height adjustments in 1″ increments
  • Innovative casters with swivel lock, brake, variable drag and one-way ratchet control
  • Folding frame that fits easily in car trunks and through 32″ doors
  • Accessories that accommodate posterior or anterior gait trainer use

Versatile and adjustable, Rifton Pacer gait trainers are renowned for their great design and ease of use. From how easily they fold into the trunk of a car to their modular design, everything about Pacers encourage forward progress for clients so nothing stands between them and the places they want to go.


Use the slides below to learn more about the features that make the Rifton Pacer gait trainer the most versatile, adaptable and durable patient mobility aid on the market today.

Foldable frame


Medium (K502), large (K503) and XL (K504) Pacer walking frames fold for storage or transport, and can fit in most car trunks. To fit the frame in your trunk, some accessories may have to be removed. Use the black, two-handed release catches to fold or unlock the frame. Mini (K509) and small (K501) frames fit in most trunks without folding.

Watch a demonstration of how to collapse the frame.

rifton-pacer-foldable-frame-car[1]The folded frame can fit in most car trunks. (Mini and small Pacers fit in most trunks without folding.)

Easy rear access


The Pacer is designed for easy rear access to make transfers into and out of this mobility walking aid as smooth as possible, whether the client will face forwards or backwards in the frame.

This clip shows how the chest prompt can be opened and adjusted for easy access.

Height adjustable

rifton-pacer-height-adjustable-frame[1]Rifton’s Pacer mobility walking frames are height adjustable in 1″ increments, with no tools needed. The frame’s top bar should be set to the client’s waist height. Watch the video clip for a height-adjustment demo and consult the dimensions chart for details of each Pacer size’s range of height adjustment.

(The mini (K509) Pacer frame is not height adjustable, but hand loops, handholds, or arm prompts can be height-adjusted to meet the child’s needs.)

rifton-pacer-height-adjustable[1]The frame’s top bar should be at waist height. Choose a frame that will allow for growth, if applicable.

Innovative casters

rifton-pacer-innovative-casters-side[1]Innovative casters have separate swivel lock, brake, variable drag, and one-way ratchet control features. Use any combination to control the Pacer’s speed and direction.

rifton-pacer-innovative-casters[1]Variable drag: Use this to slow down fast-moving clients, prevent veering, or help clients navigate corners. Vary the drag by rotating the dial from zero to max.

Brakes: Independent of the drag function. To apply, depress bottom half of white brake pedal; to release, press top half.

rifton-pacer-innovative-casters-front[1]Swivel lock: Each caster swivel-locks independently. Lock all 4 to help clients walk in a straight line, or just the two rear casters to eliminate drifting sideways. Release swivel lock on all casters for movement in any direction.

One-way ratchet control: Set each caster to prevent involuntary backward movement. Works best when casters are also swivel-locked.

Posterior positioning

rifton-pacer-posterior-positioning[1]Clients can be placed in the posterior position while gait training in the Pacer. Prompts and supports can be reversed and moved along the top bar of the frame to whichever position best matches the client’s needs.

This clip shows the Pacer being used in the posterior position.

rifton-pacer-posterior-positioning-adult[1]Taking off is easy in the XL Pacer in the posterior position.

Prompts attach anywhere

rifton-pacer-prompt-attachment[1]Prompts and supports—such as arm rests and chest support—attach anywhere along the Pacer frame’s top bar, and are easily removed when a client no longer needs them. This feature also allows the Pacer to be easily adapted to a successive client’s needs in a school or in an institution.

rifton-pacer-prompt-height-attachment[1]Press the clamp button to adjust each prompt in 1″ increments.



Carmakers believe in the long-term benefits of baked-on powder coating. So do we.

Designed to stand up to wind and weather, our colors also conform to American and European toy safety standards.

Our Pacer gait trainer is available in 4 colors: blue, red, lime and raspberry. This slide shows a blue Pacer; swipe or click the arrows to view the other colors.

Mini Pacer (K509) Small Pacer (K501) Medium Dynamic Pacer (K630) Large Dynamic Pacer (K640) XL Pacer (K504)
elbow_heighttrans Measure the vertical distance from the bent elbow to the floor while the user is standing upright.
Floor to top of arm prompt 15½ – 20½ 18½ – 27½ 24 – 35 32 – 47 34-50
Overall width 20½ 22½ N/A N/A 32
Overall length 22½ 27 N/A N/A 45
Floor to top edge of chest prompt 17½ – 22½ 22 – 30½ N/A N/A 39½ – 54½
Frame height 12½ 15½ – 19½ N/A N/A 31½ – 41½
Folded frame Does not fold Does not fold N/A N/A 45 x 32 x 18
Frame weight (lbs) 11 N/A N/A 45
Maximum working load (lbs) 50 75 150 200 275

The slides below contain specific details on the function of each Rifton Pacer gait trainer accessory and how they can be used to enable partial weight bearing gait training or over land gait training, based on your client’s needs.

Accessories tote bag


You asked for it, and we delivered. A tough and attractive tote bag big enough (14″ x 16″ x 9″) to keep all your Pacer accessories together when not in use. Made of black ballistic nylon with a zippered top, here’s a bag that will hold up to whatever you throw in it and still look great.

And like all things Rifton, it’s made in the USA.

Chest prompt

k514-rifton-pacer-chest-prompt[1]The chest prompt is available in three sizes and accommodates a wide range of users. It holds the client’s torso at the desired angle, with tilt adjust forward or back in 15° increments. One knob adjusts both the tilt-angle and width of the chest prompt. The chest prompt retro-fits to all earlier and future Pacer gait trainer models.

riftonpacermountedchestprompt[1]Adjustments to the chest prompt  are tool-free and can be made while client is in the Pacer. The cover is cleanable, healthcare-grade vinyl. The chest prompt fits snugly to support dependent users, or wraps loosely as a training guide for gaining independent trunk control.

riftonpacerchestpromptrearaccess[1]The chest prompt opens at the back to allow for easy access during transfer.

riftonpacerchestprompthipcorral[1]In its lowest position, the chest prompt becomes a hip corral for users who have good upper trunk control but need some support at the hips.

riftonpacerchestprompttalluser[1]The medium chest prompt can be used on the Pacer frame to give support to a tall user.

Arm prompts

k512-rifton-pacer-arm-prompts[1]Arm prompts, often crucial to gait training, accommodate numerous positioning requirements. Adjust them tool-free while the user is in the Pacer. Height, rotation, angle, lateral proximity, forward and backward adjustments can be made in minutes.

riftonpacermountedarmprompts[1]A pair of arm prompts attached at the most typically-used position on a Pacer gait trainer frame. Placed at the front of the Pacer frame, they encourage a forward-leaning posture.

riftonpacerposteriorarmprompts[1]Jamir has achieved enough leg strength and trunk stability to use only the arm prompts for weight-bearing support. Placed at elbow height aligned with shoulders, arm prompts assist partial weight-bearing gait training.

riftonpacerarmpromptscontractures[1]Individualized arm prompt positioning supports a user with contractures.

rifton-pacer-arm-prompts-communicationtray[1]Arm prompts can be angled upward to encourage head control. The communication tray is a handy surface for small devices.

Hip positioner

k513-rifton-pacer-hip-positioner[1]The hip positioner swings with a client’s walking motion, allowing the user to shift weight from one leg to the other. The hip positioner is sold with one pair of handholds.

riftonpacerhippositioner[1]Rings on the posterior strap of the hip positioner or pelvic support clip onto the handholds mounted on the Pacer frame, allowing you to quickly secure a client following transfer

riftonpacerhippositionerpad[1]The hip positioner pad, sold separately, slips over the hip positioner to give cushioned comfort. Raise the handholds and shorten the straps for partial weight-bearing gait training.

riftonpacerhippositioneranteriorstrap[1]To keep the user’s pelvis midline, and behind the shoulders, attach the anterior straps farther back on the Pacer frame. Anterior straps can be attached to the posts of the chest prompt or at the intersection of the Pacer frame upright with the top bar.

rifton-pacer-hip-positioner-sling[1]Lower the handholds and lengthen the straps to use the hip positioner as a safety sling. Raise the handholds and shorten the straps for partial weight-bearing gait training.

Pelvic support

k556-rifton-small-pelvic-support-with-handholds[1]The more comfortably the Pacer fits your clients, the more steps they’ll want to take! For clients who need less abduction or a less bulky fit, the pelvic support is a softer alternative to the hip positioner.

Like the hip positioner, the pelvic support provides brief weight–bearing assistance as needed while clients build strength and stamina.

rifton-pacer-pelvic-support-flexible[1]Offering a less rigid, narrower fit for larger clients or those who find the hip positioner too bulky between the thighs, the pelvic support is ideal for the youngest walkers and others who need support with minimal abduction.

rifton-pacer-pelvic-support-cutaway[1]The pelvic support is made of microbe–resistant polyurethane over a core of closed cell foam padding. It will withstand routine cleaning with a 10% bleach solution. This foam and web–reinforced construction is comfortable yet durable.

k553-rifton-small-pelvic-support-no-handholds[1]To determine the correct size pelvic support needed, measure half of the user’s thigh circumference:

Small: 4″ – 8″
Medium: 6″ – 10″
Large: 8″ – 14″

rifton-pacer-pelvic-support-front[1]The pelvic support from the front.

rifton-pacer-pelvic-support-back[1]The pelvic support from the back.

Thigh prompts

k515-rifton-pacer-thigh-prompts[1]Thigh prompts swing freely with the user’s stride, and prevent leg scissoring while encouraging weight-bearing because the thigh prompt inside strap maintains leg separation while the outer curve limits leg abduction. Thigh prompts are medially and laterally adjustable and can prevent a client from turning within the Pacer frame. Large and small thigh prompts are available.

rifton-pacer-ankle-promptgirl[1]The thigh prompts assist leg abduction. Used with the ankle prompts they can also prevent scissoring.

rifton-pacer-thigh-prompts-only[1]Thigh prompts shown on a medium Pacer frame.

Ankle prompts

k516-rifton-pacer-ankle-prompts[1]Ankle prompts snap securely onto the bottom bar of the Pacer frame and have comfortable, padded straps that can be adjusted to help determine foot separation and prevent scissoring. Moveable clips along the ankle strap bar limit stride length and control stride placement. Smaller ankle prompts suitable for the youngest clients come with the mini and small Pacer models.

rifton-pacer-ankle-promptgirl[2]Ankle prompts help to prevent scissoring. Used with the thigh prompts they can assist with leg abduction.

rifton-pacer-ankle-prompts-attach[1]Ankle prompts are snapped into position.

rifton-pacer-ankle-prompts-spring-attach[1]Slide the spring adjusters to limit stride, front and back.

rifton-pacer-ankle-prompts[1]Ankle prompts shown on a medium Pacer frame.

Extra set of handholds

k519-rifton-pacer-handholds[2]Handholds can be placed anywhere along the top bar of the Pacer frame. A pair of handholds automatically comes with every hip positioner or pelvic support; an extra pair can be purchased for additional support. Handholds are height adjustable and also adjust in four rotational directions. They can be used by either the caregiver or the client.

rifton-pacer-handholds-only[1]Handholds shown on a medium Pacer frame.

Communication tray

k518-rifton-pacer-communication-tray[1]The communication tray is height and angle adjustable. It holds small occupational objects and communication devices weighing less than 10 pounds.

rifton-pacer-commtray-discman[1]The communication tray is a handy surface for small devices.

rifton-pacer-commtray[1]The communication tray shown on a medium Pacer frame.

Attendant guidebar

k589-rifton-pacer-guidebar[1]The optional attendant guide bar attaches to the center front of the top bar of any size Pacer. It enables caregivers to guide clients while gait training, and can be rotated 180° to pull from the front or push from behind the Pacer.

rifton-pacer-guidebar-with-child[1]Olivia’s caregiver is guiding her first steps in a mini Pacer.

rifton-pacer-guidebar-on-pacer[1]The attendant guide bar attaches to the center front of the top bar of any size Pacer gait trainer.

Hand loops

k579-rifton-pair-of-hand-loops[2]Hand loops can be used on any size Pacer. Providing a handhold boosts a client’s sense of stability and confidence while moving. Handholds attach as a pair or singly anywhere along the Pacer’s top bar, and are height and angle adjustable to fit each client’s unique needs.

This photo shows hand loops from the front and side view.

rifton-pacer-handloops-justin[1]Justin is getting the feel of a hand loop on his mini Pacer.

rifton-pacer-handloops-frame[1]Hand loops on a mini Pacer frame.


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If a Rifton product breaks or fails in service during the first year, we will replace it free of charge.

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A 25% restocking fees applies to all returns.

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