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Product Description

Stand at eye level with your peers.

In our supine standing frames, clients can stand at eye level with their peers. Adjustable supports on the standing aid allow for functional alignment, with the client’s arms free for activities.

Positioning someone with disabilities in a standing position is the first step to facilitating bone and muscle development and maintaining range of motion in addition to encouraging better functioning of the body’s internal systems.

The Benefits:

Our bodies were made to be upright. Standing delivers enormous health benefits that everyone should enjoy. At Rifton, we like to speak of the six B’s that benefit from standing: bones, breathing, blood, bowel, bladder and brains.

Optional accessories are available to tailor the standing frame to your client’s positioning needs. Supine standing provides many therapeutic benefits, including head support with partial weight-bearing.

We offer two sizes for a wide range of users.

Note: The Large Supine Stander was formerly called the TranStander.


Rifton Supine standing frames enable vertical standing for adults and children with physical disabilities. Using a vertical stander can strengthen core muscles and improve weight-bearing, weight-shifting and trunk control. Additionally, they promote upright social interactions at the same eye-level as a client’s peers. Use the slides below to learn more about Rifton standing frame features.

Fold-down top

rifton-supine-fold-down-top[1]Fold down the top of the Supine Stander for a user who needs to learn head control.

Lateral supports

rifton-supine-large-laterals-demo[1]The laterals slide out of the way to aid transfers. Laterals adjust easily: they slide in, out, up, down, and rotate.


rifton-supine-armrests[1]The armrests move up and down the frame or tilt at varying angles to encourage upper body control. They fold down when not needed.

Angle adjustment

rifton-supine-crank-demo[1]Small Supine Stander: Angle adjustment is calibrated from 0° to 85° for accurate positioning.

rifton-supine-large-crank-handle[1]Large Supine Stander: Angle adjustment is calibrated from 0° to 85°

Height adjustment

rifton-supine-height-angle-adjustment[1]Small supine stander: The small supine stander is 28½” high when horizontal.

Large supine stander: The manual crank handle lowers the stander horizontally to 21″ (wheelchair height) for a sitting transfer. Raise the large Supine Stander up to 30″ to accommodate other transfers.


rifton-supine-double-lock-casters[1]Double-locking casters prevent roll and swivel during transfers.

S-curve frame

rifton-supine-s-curve-frame[1]The sturdy, curved frame gives plenty of foot room to the caregiver, and allows close proximity for transfer in and out of a wheelchair, or other equipment.


rifton-supine-sandals-and-wedges-with-model[1]The footboard adjusts, bringing the client up to a comfortable height for the caregiver.

Small Supine Stander (E420) Large Supine Stander (E430)
user_heighttrans[1] Select the appropriate Supine Stander by theuser’s overall height. Choose the model that allows for growth.
Base length 37½ 46½
Base width 27 29½
Distance between laterals 7 – 13 9 – 16
Height when horizontal 28½ 21 – 30
Height when vertical 54½ 74
Board length 51 71
Board width 16½ 19
Maximum working load (lbs) 100 250
Tray dimensions 26 x 15 26 x 15

Use the slides below to learn more about the accessories of the Rifton Supine standing aid.

Small laterals

rifton-supine-stander-small-laterals-on-white[1]An extra pair of small laterals help align the trunk and are adjustable width-wise and up and down to aid supported standing. Small laterals fit the small (E420) Rifton Supine Stander.

rifton-supine-small-laterals-demo[1]The small laterals positioned on the small (E420) Supine Stander frame.

Large lateral blocks

rifton-supine-stander-large-laterals[1]An extra pair of large laterals help align the trunk and are adjustable width-wise and up and down to aid supported standing. Large laterals fit the large (E430) Rifton Supine Stander.

rifton-supine-large-laterals-demo[2]The large laterals being positioned on the Supine Stander frame.

Round abduction block

e933-rifton-round-abduction-block[1]Round abduction block helps maintain 4″ of comfortable knee separation.

e934-rifton-collar-for-round-abd-block[1]Collar adds 2″ to the diameter of the round abduction block and to the hip stabilizer’s round abductor. This helps maintain 6″ of comfortable abduction.

rifton-supine-round-abductor-with-collar-demo[1]The round abduction block with collar on the Supine Stander.


e934-rifton-collar-for-round-abd-block[1]Collar adds 2″ to the diameter of the round abduction block and to the hip stabilizer’s round abductor. This helps maintain 6″ of comfortable abduction.

Adjustable abduction wedge

e945-rifton-adj-abduction-wedge[1]Adjustable abduction wedge can be changed from 3½”–11″ in width. This offers the opportunity to set abduction to anywhere between 5° and 25°, depending on the needs of the client.

rifton-supine-abduction-wedge-demo[1]The adjustable abduction wedge on the Supine Stander.

Sandals and wedges

rifton-prone-stander-sandals-on-white[1]A pair of sandals positions the feet correctly on the footboard of Rifton’s Supine standing aid and can be adjusted to fit the client’s needs using wedges to raise heels or toes. Configure them yourself with the unique “stack and latch” feature. For different leg lengths combine two wedges under one sandal. This aids more evenly distributed weight-bearing.

small: 3″ x 7″ medium: 4″ x 9″ large: 5″ x 10½”

small: 3″ x 1¼” x 7″ medium: 4″ x 1⅜” x 9″
large: 5″ x 1½” x 10½”

rifton-prone-stander-wedges-on-white[1]Wedges can be stacked to change the height and angle of each sandal.

rifton-supine-sandals-and-wedges-with-client[1]The sandals and wedges on the Supine Stander.

rifton-supine-sandals-and-wedges-with-model[1]The sandals and wedges being used on the Supine Stander.


rifton-supine-stander-tray-on-white[1]The tray has a smooth, cleanable working surface with rounded corners. Angle of tray can be changed by adjusting the armrests.

Inside dimensions: 26″ x 15″

rifton-supine-stander-tray-in-use[1]The Supine Stander tray being used for an activity.

Hand Anchor

k821riftonanchor[1]The hand Anchor helps position hands firmly anywhere on the tray.

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If a Rifton product breaks or fails in service during the first year, we will replace it free of charge.

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