Used Inogen One G3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator w/ 8-Cell Battery
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Used Inogen One G3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator w/ 8-Cell Battery Model#IO-300

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Used Inogen One G3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator w/ 8-Cell Battery

The Used Inogen One G3 delivers the independence of a portable oxygen concentrator in one of the smallest, lightest, and quietest packages available to the oxygen user today.

With the Inogen One you can jump in the car to run errands, take a weekend trip to see family, or even take it on a plane to go on vacation!

The Inogen One G3 is one solution for oxygen at home, away, and for travel, 24/7. It’s oxygen therapy on your terms.

The design allows the freedom and independence that are missing with traditional devices. This portable concentrator can be used for stationary or portable oxygen for traveling. The Inogen G3 Concentrator can be powered from three separate power sources: a rechargeable lithium ion battery, AC power, or DC power. The AC power supply is auto sensing, allowing worldwide use. The oxygen flow is pulse dose with five settings from 1 to 4. Oxygen concentration levels are from 87 to 96 percent with a maximum flow of 840 mL. Noise output is a modest 39 decibels. It is capable for use for both day and night while on extended vacations

Intelligent Delivery Technology at Night

  • Unlike traditional oxygen systems, such as portable tanks, or even other portable oxygen concentrators, the Inogen One G3 is proven to provide oxygen to users during rest, exertion, and sleep.
  • Intelligent Delivery Technology is highly flexible to your changing environments and automatically adjusts the oxygen delivery to promote increased oxygen delivery during sleep for most patients.
  • Typically your breath rate slows down as you sleep and perhaps, becomes more shallow. As this happens, Inogen’s Intelligent Delivery Technology increases each bolus size so you receive the same amount of oxygen per minute.
  • Intelligent Delivery Technology detects even shallow mouth breaths at night, and triggers a bolus dose based on a fixed minute volume.


Additional Information




Oxygen Flow Type


Oxygen Flow

1-5 LPM


8.75 Wide X 3″ Deep X 7.25″ High

How small is the Inogen One G3 portable oxygen concentrator?

The Inogen One G3 is Inogen’s smallest portable oxygen concentrator. It weighs a just 4.8 pounds with the 8 Cell Battery and stands just 7.25″ W x 3.0″ D x 8.25″ H. It is designed to be worn over your shoulder like a handbag, briefcase or a purse. A backpack option is available as an optional accessory.

What is included in the Inogen One G3 standard oxygen concentrator package?

System Includes: Concentrator Machine, (1) 8 cell Single Battery, AC Power Supply, DC Power Cable, Carry Bag, User Manual, Warranty Periond is 3 years. 

What is the maximum oxygen output of the G3 concentrator?

The Inogen One G3 POC offers pulse flow only settings 1-5. The G3 is not a continuous flow concentrator.

What is the O2 concentration of the Inogen One G3 oxygen machine?

The oxygen concentration of the G3 is 90% +/- 3% on all settings. The G3 is equipped with an Oxygen Sensor and will alarm should the O2 concentration go below therapeutic range.

Does the Inogen One G3 portable concentrator have an internal battery?

The Inogen One G3 does not have an internal battery. It runs off of an external battery cartridge or when the unit is connected to an AC or DC power supply. The battery cartridge is easily inserted and disconnected with simple push button operation.  Swapping out batteries is a breeze. Note: Inogen offers two differenct size batteries for the G3. A lightweight, single 8-cell battery helps keep the weight of the unit under 5 pounds and a powerful, double 16-cell battery is available for those wanting more battery life. Extra batteries are available at time of purchase or as replacements down the road. With the 16-cell double battery, the G3 weighs a mere 5.8 pounds.

What is the expected battery life of the Inogen One G3?

Oxygen Flow Setting      Single 8 Cell                    Double 16 Cell 

      Battery Life                        Battery Life

    Up to 4.5 hours                 Up to 9.5 hours
    Up to 4 hours                    Up to 8.5 hours
    Up to 3 hours                    Up to 6 hours
    Up to 2 hours                    Up to 4 hours
    Up to 1.7 hours                 Up to  3.3 hours


Can the Inogen One G3 be charged with the DC Power Supply?

When connected to the DC Power Supply, the Inogen One G3 can power your unit and recharge its battery no matter the battery size. The battery will need to be connected to the unit in order for it to charge. To charge the G3 batteries without being connected to the unit, you will be in need of the optional external battery charger.

Is the Inogen One G3 portable oxygen concentrator FAA approved for use on an airplane?

Yes. Note: Prior To Traveling by Plane: Check with your airline at least two weeks in advance regarding their policies for use of Portable Oxygen Concentrators.

What is sleep mode technology?

The Inogen One G3 POC utilizes a sleep mode technology. The sleep mode technology increases the machines sensitivity to detect a more shallow breath. This allows patients to sleep with the Inogen One G3. The G3 is not recommended for use with a CPAP or BiPAP machine.  


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