EZ Access


EZ Access Inc is a wheelchair ramp specialty company that was founded in 1984 by Glenda Everard and her daughter, Deanne Sandvold. In 1988, their son Don Everard decided to join the family business, bringing with him marketing experience. This trio was the driving force behind the expansion of the ramp market, and were also the ones responsible for pioneering the industry through the marketing and manufacturing of EZ Access wheelchair ramp models.
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Driven by their commitment to enrich lives and provide access to life beyond barriers, EZ Access knew that the wheelchair market wasn’t as productive a it should be. The Everard family wanted to do more with the potential and skills that they had. They began designing ramps that would be a step up in term of durability, stability, and convenience. Most ramps nowadays aren’t designed to withstand the physical damages that wheelchairs can cause. EZ Access products, on the other hand, use only quality materials that are built to last. Whether it’s a permanent establishment or a temporary solution for your household or business, it’s crucial that you choose the right type of ramp for the safety of all the wheelchair users that are moving across. Wobbly ramps can cause serious injury and remain a safety hazard to anyone that uses it. EZ Access tests each and every product before releasing it to the public to ensure that the proper safety measures are taken.

EZ Access operates out of two locations. Their headquarters and West Coast manufacturing facilities are located in Algona, Washington – 15 miles south of Seattle. Their East Coast manufacturing is located in Morganfield, Kentucky, where their company reinforces its family-based philosophy with customers, employees, and community alike. These two manufacturing facilities enable a more rapid and less expensive delivery system across the nation to all of their customers.