Hill Rom is a company that draws on its heritage of over 85 years of experience and innovation to provide outstanding solutions for patients and their caregivers. They have dedicated themselves to excellence and improving medical outcomes everywhere.

Birthed in 1929 by their founder William A. Hillenbrand, Hill Rom has strived to bring one’s home into the hospital. Since then, Hill Rom has expanded into an industry leader and a trusted partner of caregivers, patients, and hospitals all around the globe. Known for their meticulous eye for detail, Hill Rom brings passion and dedication into the world of medicine. They believe that they can make a serious difference in every life that they touch.
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Hill Rom continues to be a leading worldwide manufacturer of medical supplies and related services for the health care industry. Known for their patient support systems, mobility and handling solutions, and surgical products, Hill Rom’s comprehensive product offerings are used by health care providers across the medical continuum. Their mission has always been to provide extended care and quality to enhanced the safety of patient care.

By purchasing a Hill Rom bed, you will not only be receiving a safe medical bed, but you will also be receiving a product that has been crafted with love. At Hill Rom, quality is always bigger than a program and more than a process. It’s the promise that they have made every day to their customers. For years, they have kept this promise by providing their clients with the most innovative products to help establish long-term customer relationships.

Hill Rom believes that everyone should have access to medical products, which is why they have priced their products fairly. When you search for Hill Rom bed price, know that you will be paying for only the finest in craftsmanship.