Inogen is a proud manufacturer of oxygen therapy equipment. Inogen’s mission to ultimately improve one’s quality of life through the use of supplemental oxygen started in 2001 when Mae, an iconic and beloved grandmother, was prescribed with oxygen therapy.

When Mae was diagnosed with COPD, her options for oxygen therapy were quite lackluster. Her longing for an improved quality of life caught the attention of Inogen. With dedication and conviction in hand, Inogen would then go on to find an oxygen therapy solution for her and all the millions of oxygen users like her. Without Mae, there would be no Inogen. Mae continues to be an inspiration for everyone suffering from respiratory issues. She inspired and motivated Inogen to be the company that they sought out to be – and that is to deliver only the finest solutions for oxygen therapy users.

The trio of Ali, Brenton, and Byron founded Inogen to help find a solution for Mae and the millions of others that suffer from the same problems. In 2001, they were students at the University of California Santa Barbara, where they received first place honors at a business plan competition that was sponsored by the prestigious Technology Management Program. Three years later, they presented Mae with their first model – the Inogen One – in October of 2004. The results were nothing short of a miracle with Mae praising Inogen by saying that it was, “Better than anything I could have hoped for.”

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Inogen’s compact and lightweight portable oxygen concentrators were created to free patients from the binding restrictions of bulky tanks. They believe that their products should give their patients the freedom to reclaim their independence so they can live their lives without having to deal with the burden of multiple pieces of equipment.

Each Inogen portable oxygen concentrator is designed with the customer in mind. Inogen has committed themselves to providing innovative products and services to each and every one of their clients. Their core values are solely based on self-responsibility, transparency, continuous improvement, integrity, and outstanding service.

Inogen is also committed to understanding and meeting the needs of the customer. Everything from their patented Inogen accessories to their oxygen concentrators is created to sustain an effective quality system and maintain the mandatory compliance regulations.