Joerns Healthcare is a premier supplier and service provide in post-acute care. Joern is revolutionizing the state of healthcare through an unmatched suit of advanved injury and wound prevention, patient care, and professional services.With the most comprehensive service network and distribution system dedicated to post-acute care in North America, Joerns Healthcare Inc is providing its customers with a national network of service centers and a dedicated service fleet with over 130 sites, 700 associates, and the most advanced asset management system available.

Joerns Healthcare dates back to over 125 years and has grown into a proven integrated manufacturer of healthcare beds, therapeutic surfaces, patient handling products, as well as the provider of negative pressure wound therapy devices to the post-acute market. With a positive track record, Joerns continues to make strides to become the global leader in medical equipment. With strategic partnerships, Joerns serves the patient across the care continuum, from early onset acute care through skilled long-term care, to the compassionate end-of-life care in hospice.
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Joerns is proud to be the service provider of choice for the top 100 LTC Providers throughout the country. They have earned their reputation as the best-in-class services company post-acute care. Unmatched in innovative products and ongoing services, Joerns Medical has become the staple in the United States.

Joerns believes that true performance does not only address today’s needs, but also anticipates the needs of tomorrow. They hold true to this statement and have made it a motto in their everyday activities. Through Joerns’ evolution, they have learned that produces along do not ensure enduring success. Rather, products must be integrated within unparalleled service to ensure that comprehensive healthcare solutions are provided. In addition to providing high quality products and clinical support to staff worldwide, they also offer a variety of value added programs and services to help reduce costs, mitigate risk, and improve overall patient outcomes. Joerns has become a household service with their revolutionary offerings.