Karman Healthcare Inc has been a leading innovator and manufacturer of home medical products since 1994. Karman provides a full line of high quality wheelchairs, walkers, rollators, power wheelchairs and scooters, stand-up wheelchairs, bathroom safety items, oxygen regulators, and much more.

Karman offers over 100 models, variations, and types of wheelchairs to choose from. With a large selection of manual and power wheelchairs, including transport wheelchairs, lightweight wheelchairs, standard wheelchairs, ultra lightweight wheelchairs, and ergonomic wheelchairs, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. Karman Medical believes that users should not have to endure the nuances of wheelchair shopping. Rather, it should be a quick and painless procedure that requires little effort and maximum satisfaction.

Choosing a select category, model, color, or even price point is crucial for the user to fully appreciate state of the art mobility products. At Karman, they believe that the customer should have a wide array of products at their disposal. With options comes satisfaction, and at Karman, you will find plenty of that – if not more.
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When you purchase your Karman wheelchair, you are a proud owner of an innovative product that is designed to improve the user’s way of life. Karman is committed to finding you a perfect chair for your lifetime usage in comfort, mobility, and competitive options. Karman has dedicated themselves to your everyday needs. Karman healthcare products serve the long-term care market with a total product offering that includes beds, bathing, mobility, furnishings, respiratory, dialysis chairs, transfer and transport equipment. By expanding their reach into the service industry, their long-term care group now offers a wide array of programs that focus on interior design, injury reduction, and facility compliance.

For over 20 years of advancements in the development and manufacturing of wheelchair and mobility products, Karman continues to lead in high quality products and unmatched value. Their motto has always been “Excellence Through Mobility”, meaning that they excel at bringing satisfaction to their customers through their impressive product line of durable, stylish, and remarkably comfortable wheelchairs.