Permobil’s vision has always been to “be the world leading provider of advanced rehab mobility solutions and accessories. Through world-class people, quality and innovation exceed customer expectations.”

Permobil has been developing, manufacturing, and marketing wheelchairs and transport systems for over 40 years. Their products have always provided users with the best possible compensation for their specific disabilities. Throughout the years, Permobil has worked with, and for, people with a variety of mobility impairments. They have helped thousands of people find a solution to reach their goals and dreams. Thanks to Permobil, thousands of people have benefitted from their products and services and are living a much more “mobile” life.

The Permobil company has always focused on people and their needs. Their products are the result of collaborations between therapists, physicians, and users. They believe that by strengthening their users’ ability to control and interact with their surroundings, they can improve their overall quality of life. Their company has been exponentially growing thanks to their customers’ confidence in them.
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Permobil USA has the energy, commitment, and competence to meet whatever challenges are in their way. They have, and always will, focus on the people and their needs, no matter the obstacle. Since their birth 40 years back, they have launched an exciting array of chassis and seats for both adults and children. They also have a global support and service organization that guarantees both safety and positive cooperation for the lifetime of their wheelchairs. They continue to work on their advanced seating systems to become even more innovative than they are today.

Permobil INC continues to display remarkable craftsmanship, customer service, and engineering in all of their products. Thanks to the Renaissance man known as Per Udden – the founder of Permobil – the world has benefitted from all that Permobil’s products has to offer. With a tremendous passion and drive to find new solutions, Per Udden’s legacy continues to live on, even after death. What drives Permobil today? It is the foundation that Per Udden has built from the ground up that focuses on the patient first above anything else.