Philips Respironics


Philips Respironics USA, is a global leader in the sleep and respiratory care market. By providing solutions that will lead to healthier patients, practices, and businesses, Philips Respironics INC is there to help you live a comfortable lifestyle. They believe that effective sleep and respiratory management will allow patients to be confident with retaining their freedom and live a fulfilling life while restoring their ability to breathe and sleep peacefully.

Whether it be for home or on the go, Philips Respironics products are designed to for personalized sleep and COPD therapies to make sure that everyone is engaged with their care and to integrate it into their everyday life. Breathing and sleep are crucial in one’s life. Philips’ technologies and solutions prove to help each and every patient embrace their condition in order to help them be in touch to regain control and live their life the way that they want to live it.
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Their innovative products support recovery and chronic care at home and connect extended teams seamlessly, to provide their healthcare partners and their patients the confidence and peace of mind that they need to receive only quality care.

Over 22 million Americans suffer from a form of sleep apnea – and the numbers continue to grow. It should be noted that as many as 80 percent of sleep apnea patients remain undiagnosed today. This is a growing concern for many healthcare professionals that are looking to promote a safer environment. If you or a loved one is suffering from any symptoms of sleep apnea, be sure to visit your physician today, as this is a serious condition that must be treated effectively.

By successfully managing apnea patients in today’s changing healthcare environment, there must be dramatic changes in the way that products are made. In addition to this, it has become increasingly important to diagnose complex sleep conditions more efficiently to allow for patients to receive improved therapy. By recognizing and addressing this concern, Philips has found new and innovative ways to establish healthier patients and healthier businesses in this ever-changing world.