TiLite has been providing outstanding mobility products for close to three decades. Ti Lite USA didn’t only make wheelchair products back when their company was first created. They produced titanium bike frames, golf shafts, motorcycle frames, and variety of titanium projects – as well as titanium wheelchair parts for a couple wheelchair manufacturers. Armed with this knowledge, they knew they had the skill set to translate this success over to the medical field without question.

Then, in the late 90’s, TiLite began to question whether it would make sense to begin their transition into the world of wheelchairs. In other words, would a wheelchair frame that is designed to fit a single person make it perform better for him or her? TiLite knew that it would fit better and would be more comfortable, but would this ergonomic upgrade make it easier for the patient to push? TiLite would go on to call this process TiFit.

TiLite provides the best in both titanium and aluminum chairs so that you, the user, will be able to move around comfortably without having to worry about durability issues arising. By offering more options than any other manufacturer, TiLite ensures that all the unique needs of each individual are met.
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Ti Lite wheelchairs are aesthetically-inspired by their past experiences with bike and motorcycle products. They applied the same attitude toward their wheelchairs and placed demands on themselves to make their custom wheelchairs look beautiful.

Their first customized Tilite manual wheelchair came to life in 1998, known as the CrossSport. This model was redesigned to be lighter and better looking in today’s time – in which it is called the TR, their flagship chair.

TiLite is all about the customer. From their designers and engineers to their sales people in the field, you will find experienced chair specialists. When TiLite designs for you, they are also designing products that they would use in their lifetime. This means that they have what it takes to create the best chair and also know how important it is that the chair is right for you.

TiLite’s mission is simple: create the best fitting, best performing, and best looking wheelchairs in the world. Every staff member at TiLite has put his and her hearts and souls in to their work – and nothing will change that.