Bathroom Safety

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Shower Chairs: Standing in a shower can be risky for people who are prone to falls. In many cases, sitting on a shower chair is a safer and more comfortable alternative to standing. Shower chairs are designed to be left in the shower between uses. They typically have suction cups to affix the legs to the ground to avoid slipping. In addition, they are height-adjustable and sometimes have armrests or back support.

Commodes: Using the restroom is difficult for people who are bedridden or have mobility issues. Commodes are portable toilets that allow people to use the restroom without having to sit down on a standard seat. Some portable toilets are standalone commodes whose only purpose is to be used as a toilet. Other portable commodes can be used as a raised toilet seat or toilet safety frame, or combine a commode and a transfer bench.

Wheeled Shower Commodes: Wheeled shower commodes help people who are confined to a wheelchair or otherwise have limited mobility to shower comfortably. These chairs are designed to be taken into the shower and get wet without accumulating rust or being damaged in other ways. They serve as commodes to help people who need to use the restroom while they are in the shower. Some wheeled shower commodes also have chairs that can fit over standard bowls for toilet use.

Transfer Benches: Getting into and out of a bathtub can be just as dangerous as climbing in and out of a shower. A transfer bench alleviates these problems by helping people to slowly ease their way into or out of the bath. Along with standard transfer benches, some transfer benches also have an attached commode or can swivel 360 degrees and lock at 90 degree increments for help with personal grooming.

Bath Lifts: Using a bath lift helps a person to enjoy a relaxing bath while removing much of the risks associated with slips and falls when getting into or out of the bathtub. Unlike transfer benches, bath lifts are positioned inside of the tub. All a person needs to do is to sit down and push a button, and the chair will lower them into the tub. Then, when they are done, the chair can rise up to make it easier for them to stand up and get dried off.

Raised Toilet Seats: Many toilet seats are far lower than regular seats. This can be a problem for people who have trouble standing up from positions that are closer to the ground. Raised toilet seats help to elevate a person higher off of the ground and bring them closer to a standing position when they are using the restroom. Some toilet seats come with handles to give people extra assistance when sitting down or standing up.

Grab Bars: Having something to grab onto can make it easier for an elderly person to stay on their feet in the bathroom. They can sometimes mean the difference between staying upright and having a potentially serious fall. Grab bars can be positioned in the shower, near the toilet or anyplace else where a person might need extra assistance to maintain their balance. Grab bars come in a wide range of materials, colors and styles.

Heavy Duty Bathroom Equipment: Larger individuals often struggle in the bathroom because they are dealing with equipment that is not made for people their size. Heavy duty bathroom equipment that is designed specifically for larger people allows them to use the restroom, bath or shower in a comfortable manner. Equipment can include transfer benches, bath lifts and commodes. Users can feel confident with these items because they have been tested and proven to withstand heavier weights than standard items.