Commodes are portable toilets and they come with different types, sizes and features. The four different types are Standalone Commodes, Three-in-One Commodes, Transfer Bench Commodes, and Wheelchair Commodes. Standalone Commode is simply a commode with only purpose to serve as a bedside portable toilet. Three-in-One Commodes are also bedside portable toilets but also can be used as a toilet safety frame or a raised toilet seat. Transfer Bench Commode is a combination of a transfer bench and commode in one. Wheelchair Commodes come in transport and regular styles and can be multipurpose as well. All-in-One Wheelchairs Commodes can be used as shower chairs, commodes, and wheelchairs.
We have been in medical equipment business since 1999 and our main focus has always been bathroom safety. Come by our large showroom to see most of the commodes on display and talk to one of our helpful professionals about bathroom safety tips and advice.

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