Shower Chairs

Wet and slippery shower floor can increase the risk of falling; therefore, we strongly recommend getting a shower chairs. This is a relatively inexpensive investment that can save you or your loved one from the risk of getting hurt. Shower chairs are specifically designed to prevent slipperiness by having height adjustable angle legs with suction cups, handles or arms for added security, and other features like back support.
Picking the right shower chair is relatively easy process compared to other medical equipments. Start off by thinking about the features you want on the shower chair like back support, arms support, cut out seat. Once you narrow down your search pay close attention to the following specifications

Weight Capacity: get a chair that supports at least 10 lbs more than user’s weight
Seat Width & Depth: make sure the user will fit comfortably in those dimensions
Base Width & Depth: make sure the chair will fit in the shower
Floor to Armrests: the height of the chair is usually adjustable but we still recommend customers to ensure it’ll work for the user

We have been in medical equipment business since 1999 and our main focus has always been bathroom safety. Come by our large showroom to see most of the shower chairs on display and talk to one of our helpful professionals about bathroom safety tips and advice.

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