Transfer Benches

Wet and slippery tub can increase the risk of falling; therefore, we strongly recommend getting a transfer bench. This is a relatively inexpensive investment that can save you or your loved one from the risk of getting hurt. Transfer bench is used to get in and out of a tub. The three main types of transfer benches are Solid Transfer Bench, Transfer Bench Commode Combo and Transfer Bench with Sliding Seat. Solid Transfer Bench is a solid board with a back that does not move and the user has to slide from one side to other (read manual for detailed instructions). Transfer Bench and Commode Combos are solid transfer benches with simply a commode on one side. Transfer Bench with Sliding Seat has a seat with a back that slides with the user from one side to other. A lot of sliding transfer benches come with swivel option as well which allows the seat to turn 360° and securely lock every 90° or a cut out seat for personal washing. Another option is Toilet to Tub seating which extends over the toilet and has special seating for toilet use.
We have been in medical equipment business since 1999 and our main focus has always been bathroom safety. Come by our large showroom to see most of the transfer benches on display and talk to one of our helpful professionals about bathroom safety tips and advice.

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