Adjustable Beds

Patients with a wide range of medical conditions can benefit from medical adjustable beds. These beds can help them to achieve positions that are both comfortable and also beneficial to their health. Finding the right adjustable beds can lead to major improvement in a person’s quality of life and make it easier for people giving them medical care. Daily Care, Inc. can help you to find the right medical adjustable bed for your needs from the wide selection at our San Fernando Valley showroom.Continue Reading

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One of the most common reasons that people choose medical adjustable beds is to help with their circulation. For example, people with heart conditions or other circulatory disorders can benefit from the Trendelenburg treatment, which requires keeping the feet elevated above the body. Medical adjustable beds can help people sleep in this position naturally and comfortably.

Adjustable beds can also serve to help people with very specific medical conditions. For example, certain beds are designed to assist people with severe cases of Acid Reflux Disease. Products such as the ART Acid Reflux models of Sleep-Ezz adjustable beds help people to maintain an elevated head position while they sleep. This reduces the opportunity for acid to rise up through their esophagus while also helping patients with GERD keep food in their stomachs.

Today’s adjustable beds break the stereotype that medical beds are always uncomfortable. Brands such as Flex-A-Bed Adjustable Beds feature mattresses that are as supportive and comfortable as any high-end “regular” mattress. Mattresses are available in a wide range of sizes from standard to king and everything in between, meaning that you can have an adjustable bed regardless of your size or if you are sleeping alone or with a partner. You can make sure that you stay healthy while getting a good night’s sleep with adjustable beds.

Browse our website to see a sample of the selection of medical adjustable beds we have available. You can also come to our showroom to see all of the beds firsthand. While you are here, feel free to ask any of our expert staff any questions you might have about different adjustable bed options. We’re here to make sure that you get a good night’s sleep.