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Sitting in a recliner should be comfortable for everyone. However, many elderly people or people with joint pain can find it difficult to enjoy spending time in a recliner because of how painful it is to get into or out of the chair. This can make simple activities like reading a newspaper or watch TV unpleasant.

Two position lift chairs are the ideal solution to this problem. These are recliners that have been specially designed to tilt at an angle when a person is getting up or sitting down. This keeps people from having to fight gravity when using their recliner, giving them a much more enjoyable experience.

A two position lift chair is designed to recline into two unique positions: straight and “TV recline,” which puts the body in a comfortable position to relax and watch television. 2 position lift chairs have backrests and footrests that operate together, meaning that the footrest comes up as the backrest reclines. They are as comfortable and stylish as standard recliners while being much easier for people to stand up from or sit down in.

Buying a two position lift chair has never been easier. Daily Care Inc. has the largest selection of 2 position lift chairs in Southern California. You can see the selection we have here on our website. This includes top items from leading manufacturers including Pride and Golden.

If you see a chair that you are interested in and want to test it out for yourself, we recommend that you come down to our Los Angeles-area showroom. Here you can get answers to your questions from our expert staff. They are trained to know each product and understand which one is right for you. Call us or stop by our Los Angeles-area showroom and our specialists can help you make an informed decision.

2 Position Lift Chairs: People who want a basic lift chair often rely on 2 position lift chairs. These models are ideal for reading or watching TV. They can recline to a 45-degree angle – like most standard recliners – but also tilt forward to help people rise from a seated position. They can also be placed in any position between fully erect and 45 degrees. 2 Position Lift Chairs are as comfortable as standard recliners and come in many stylish colors and looks.

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