3 Position Lift Chairs

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Lift chairs are incredibly helpful additions to a home for the elderly or people with joint pain. They tilt forward so that it is easier for people to get into and out of the recliner. It’s a great piece of furniture that allows people to enjoy sitting in a recliner while eliminating a lot of pain and discomfort.

Many people opt for 3 position lift chairs when they are looking to purchase a lift chair. They provide an extra level of potential comfort beyond what can be found with a 2 position lift chair. That’s because while a 2 position lift chair either are in a straight position or at a 45-degree angle, three position lift chairs can recline until they are almost flat – the head will be slightly elevated above the back.

Owning a 3 position lift chair means that a person has more control over how they are positioned when they are in their recliner. If you decide that the afternoon is a perfect time to take a quick nap after reading or watching TV, a three position lift chair will recline to the most comfortable position for resting. Then, when you are done napping and are ready to get up, the electric motors in the chair will help you to sit up and then rise to a standing position.

Check out the full selection of 3 position lift chairs that we have available for purchase – all of them are sold at prices that can’t be beat. If you are confused about which lift chair model is right for you – or whether you should buy a 2 position lift chair or a 3 position lift chair – we can help. Call us or stop by our Los Angeles-area showroom and our specialists can help you make an informed decision.