Infinite Position Lift Chairs

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Finding the right recliner is important for anyone who wants to be comfortable at home. But this is especially true for the elderly or people with chronic pain such as joint problems. Getting into and out of a chair can be extremely difficult, while finding a comfortable position for reading, watching TV or going to sleep can also be a challenge. Getting a good rest or just sitting for a long period of time can feel like it is almost impossible to achieve for some people.

If you fit into this category, it’s time that you consider a new infinite position lift chair. As with all lift chairs, infinite position lift chairs tilt forward to it easier to get into or out of the chair. But unlike 2 position or 3 position lift chairs, these models are designed to recline to an almost flat or fully flat position. In addition, the backrest and leg rest operate on independent motors with an infinite position lift chair, which means that you can position your body and legs in an almost limitless number of ways.

One of the most important potential benefits of using an infinite position lift chair is the ability to relax in the “Trendelenburg” Position. Popularized by the German surgeon Fredrich Trendelenburg, this is when a person’s pelvis is positioned higher than their head. Many people find having their feet above their heads to be the most comfortable position for sleeping.

Take a look at all of the different infinite position lift chairs we have available for purchase below. Then come by our Los Angeles-area showroom and try them out for yourself. Our factory-trained specialists are happy to let you sit or lie down in any of our lift chairs. You can decide if an infinite position lift chair is right for you, or if you are more comfortable with one of our two position lift chairs. No matter what type of lift chair works best for you, our team will make sure you get the best deal possible.