Sport Wheelchairs

Here at Daily Care Medical Supplies & Equipment, we offer a variety of sport wheelchairs, including court wheelchairs, handcycles, beach and all-terrain wheelchairs. Sports Wheelchairs make living an active lifestyle possible because they are ultra light, can pick up speed, and can easily be maneuvered.  We custom order our sports wheelchairs from top manufacturers such as, Invacare, TiLite, and Sunrise Medical Quickie. Call one of our specialists today and find out which sports wheelchair is right for you.

  • Brands

Court Wheelchairs are great for engaging in active sports such as basketball or tennis.

Handcycles are ideal for sport or leisure, handcycles provide the user with an experience comparable to a traditional bike ride.

Beach and All-Terrain Wheelchairs are meant for terrain that traditional wheelchairs can’t traverse. Think sandy beaches, rocky trails, even deep snow!