Ultra Light Wheelchairs

Here at Daily Care Medical Supplies & Equipment, we carry the highest quality Ultra Light Wheelchairs for your needs. We carry top brands including, Invacare, Karman, and Sunrise Medical Quickie. All of our Ultra Light Wheelchairs are in stock and ready to be delivered to your home. We offer same-day or next day delivery on our Ultra Light Wheelchairs for local customers in the greater Los Angeles, CA area. We offer the best customer service and best pricing on all of our Ultra Light Wheelchairs. Please call now and one of our trained staff embers will be happy to help you. Continue Reading

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Rigid seats are the lightest and most astounding performing seats due to the fact that they are built from the few components and the least moving parts. Daily Care, Inc. believes that these rigid seats offer changing levels of flexibility so you can take advantage of the varying levels of mobility.

Folding Frame seats have outlines that fold from side-to-side with a specific end goal to radically diminish their width. Numerous wheelchair clients tend to prefer collapsing seats due to the simplicity of transportation that a minimal, collapsed outline provides. Likewise, with rigid seats, many wheelchair’s that have collapsing seats offer changing levels of flexibility.

Titanium has the most elevated quality to-weight proportion of any metal on earth. Titanium will also absorb the vibration from the ground making for a smoother ride. These properties make titanium a perfect material for a wheelchair ultralight. Daily Care Inc. can help you find the right type of titanium wheelchair that will serve you or your family member well.

Aluminum is a broadly accessible, fabricating material that has high quality and lightweight properties, which make it a perfect compliment to a wheelchair. Aluminum outlines have a stiffer, more unbending ride. Aluminum is also ordinarily less immoderate, which takes adaptable estimations in consideration.

Dual-Tube Frames have a unique geometrical design about them. First off, they minimize the flexes in the frame, which allows the frame to transfer energy from the user’s stroke into the forward motion of the chair. In addition, dual-tube frames allow for less thin tubing, which diminishes the overall weight of the chair – while also providing a significant amount of strength.

Mono-Tube Frames have a single tube design. This peculiar design allows for an improved transportability feature of the wheelchair by making it easy to place the frame on the seat of the chair. They are distinguished by their clean, minimalist look.