Mobility Scooters

Many senior citizens struggle with losing their mobility as they age. Getting older can mean being unable to walk for any length of time, a situation that has major consequences for their quality of life. It can mean not visiting friends, seeing family members or not staying active. These are all problems that can reduce a person’s mental health along with leading to physical problems.

The best solution for people with mobility issues is to use mobility scooters. Scooters are easy for anyone to use and have enough power to let users comfortably keep up with their friends and family. Daily Care Inc. has a wide range of mobility scooters to choose from at affordable prices. Among the options we offer:Continue Reading

3 Wheel Travel Scooters: If you are looking for a mobility scooter to keep up with your active lifestyle, look no further than 3 Wheel Travel Scooters. These models are designed to allow you to easily move around indoor settings. At the same time, many of these models are made to break down for easy storage whenever you are done using them. It’s the perfect solution for people who like to go to casinos, restaurants and other locations.

4 Wheel Travel Scooters: Travel scooters can come with three wheels or four wheels; while there are reasons to choose one or the other, the main reason to select 4 Wheel Travel Scooters is that a person is planning on using it in an outdoor environment. Whether this means taking it on the sidewalk or joining your family for a picnic at the park, the extra wheel creates a more stable base for travels that take you off of the beaten path.

3 Wheel Mobility Scooters: When it comes to scooters for everyday use, it’s important to find one that is rugged, can go quickly if needed and has a long range. You’ll find all of these with 3 Wheel Mobility Scooters. Since they aren’t designed to fold, they have less moving parts and therefore are more durable than travel scooters. In addition, they will typical have top speeds and battery life ranges that outstrip their travel scooter counterparts.

4 Wheel Mobility Scooters: The extra wheel on a 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter means that they have a sturdier base than their three-wheeled versions. Many people enjoy this extra stability when using their scooter on a regular basis. In addition, 4 Wheel Mobility Scooters also provide more legroom and more places for people to rest their feet. This can be useful when being taken outdoors, particularly on steep inclines where stability is very important.

Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters: Larger individuals have unique mobility needs. Simple tasks can require extra exertion, but standard mobility scooters may not have the weight capacity or room to accommodate larger people. One solution to this is to use a Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter, which can handle much larger weight capacities. In addition, Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters often have larger frames and more seating room, which is critical to make larger individuals feel comfortable while using their scooter.