Patient Lifts

Here at Daily Care, Inc. we carry all types of for sale or rental patient lifts. We have both manual/hydraulic and electric patient lifts. We have patient lifts available for rent or sale from Hoyer Lifts, Invacare, Liko Hill-Rom, Bestcare and other manufacturers. We have the best prices on all of our patient lifts. Ask us about our rent-to-own options available for the Hoyer lifts and Liko Hill-Rom patient lifts. We have most patient lifts in stock and on display in our showroom in Tarzana, CA. We can deliver the patient lifts same day or next day depending on availability at customer’s request. We provide delivery to the greater Los Angeles, CA area. Please call now and one of our trained staff embers will be happy to help you. 

Manual Patient Lifts: Manual patient lifts are the most basic patient lifts available. They use hand pumps that power hydraulic cylinders to raise and lower the patient. While they do require more physical work than other types of patient lifts, manual patient lifts significantly lower the amount of effort required than when compared to trying to position a person without a lift. These patient lifts are sturdy and durable, and can support the weight of most patients.

Electric Patient Lifts: Battery-powered patient lifts are the most efficient way to transfer patients into or out of a chair, bed, toilet or bathtub. Electric patient lifts are powered by rechargeable battery packs that can last for up to four hours of use and can be recharged while a patient is sleeping or any other time when it isn’t being used. Electric patient lifts are quiet and powerful, which can give patients confidence that they will be moved safely.

Stand-Up Patient Lifts: Some patients are able to stand or bear weight on their own but need extra assistance moving around or being transported for a doctor’s visit. Stand-up patient lifts provide dual benefits for these patients: they allow for secure transfer of patients to commodes, baths or other places, while also allowing them to walk by providing extra support. Multi-function slings help caregivers transition the lifts for a variety of uses.

Heavy Duty Patient Lifts: Patient lifts are especially important when dealing with bariatric patients or other larger patients. Heavy duty patient lifts are designed to accommodate extra weight loads and make it easier for heavier patients to be moved from one location to the next. With sturdy designs made with the larger individual in mind, they provide a safe and comfortable way to transfer bariatric patients to different settings.

Portable Patient Lifts: There are times when a caregiver needs to be able to lift a patient when they are away from one specific location such as their bedroom or bathroom. Portable patient lifts provide the same convenience and safety as traditional patient lifts, but in a package that is light enough to move when needed. Portable patient lifts can be placed into a car or stowed in a closet when not in use.