Portable Patient Lifts

In the case that you are looking after somebody who needs maximum assistance to transfer, a Portable Patient lift will spare you from back injuries and will also provide patient safety. Both pressure driven models and battery fueled models work, however in the event that you are a caregiver, you will find that a power model to be least demanding on both of you. Here is some information that will help you find the best model out of all the portable patient lifts that are currently on the market.Continue Reading

  • Brands

  • PL400EF
    Bestcare Bestlift PL400EF Portable Folding Patient Lift
    • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
    • Manufacturer: Bestcare LLC
    • Product Type: Electric Patient Lifts
    • Daily Care Recommended
      We recommend this product because
      1. One Of The Most Affordable Electric Lifts
      2. Lightweight & Portable For Travel
      3. Small In Size, Easy To Maneuver Around A Home
    $ 1,099.00 Daily Care Hot Deal
  • Molift 150
    Etac Molift Smart 150 Portable Electric Patient Lift
    • Weight Capacity: 330 lbs
    • Manufacturer: Etac
    • Product Type: Electric Patient Lifts
    • Daily Care Recommended
      We recommend this product because
      1. Foldable For Easy Transport
      2. Extremely Lightweight Frame Weighing Only 57lbs
      3. Easy To Push And Maneuver Throughout The Home
    $ 3,995.50 Daily Care Hot Deal
  • Hoyer Advance E
    Hoyer Advance E Patient Lift Electric
    • Weight Capacity: 341 lbs
    • Manufacturer: Hoyer
    • Product Type: Electric Patient Lifts
    • Daily Care Recommended
      We recommend this product because
      1. Joerns/Hoyer is one of the most reliable medical equipment brands in the healthcare industry.
      2. The Advance's unique tapered leg design allows the lift to get even closer to the widest of obstacles
      3. The Advance is exceptionally versatile, no tools folding and light weight at 69.7lbs for travel and storage
      4. The Advance comes with FREE Sling.
      5. Attached Built-In battery charger making it easy to plug in and charge the rechargeable battery when needed.
    $ 2,799.00 Daily Care Hot Deal
  • hoyer journey standaid
    Hoyer Journey StandAid Patient Lift
    • Weight Capacity: 340 lbs
    • Manufacturer: Hoyer
    • Product Type: Electric Patient Lifts, Stand Up
    $ 3,411.00 Daily Care Hot Deal

The base is a “U”-shaped molded casing, with caster wheels below it. The legs of the “U” are straight out from the base of the “U” at 90 degrees when the lift is not being utilized, so the base can be close and simple to fit through entryways, so you can move it from room to room. There is also a handle that is fitted around the base that opens the legs outward so that when you are lifting your patient on your Hoyer portable patient lift you have a genuine solid base that is under them, which will allow you to get the legs around furniture and wheelchairs to utilize the lift just right. A few models even have a power operated button on the remote control that will provide you with access to the functionalities. From the focal point of the base there is a vertical shaft or pole that holds a couple of critical parts of the lift, similar to the engine that does the lifting and lowering, the rechargeable battery pack and a large handle that you as the caregiver use to direct the lift where you need it to go.

Appended to the pole is the blast arm which controls the lifting and the lowering of the patient. The blast arms have distinctive lifting ranges, so you’ll need to pick a Hoyer patient lift that fits your specific needs. For example, on a few lifts the blast arm will let down inside 12 or 13 inches to the ground. They are ideal for lifting your patient up from the floor if that ought to be required. Different Hoyer patient lifts may have a truly tall lift range-perhaps 78 or 79 inches, which is helpful in the event that you have to get your patient up onto a high bed, or other changing table.. On the end of the blast arm is the support or sling bar which is where you attach the sling that the patient will be sitting on during the lifting. You will see a few supports may have only maybe a couple snares on every side, some may have more snares to oblige for exceptional sorts of slings. If you are looking to find the perfect patient lift, Daily Care Inc. is ready to help! We carry only the finest and most trusted lift brands in our inventory so you know that you are receiving the best products.