Power Wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs help to give people mobility and allow them to live full and productive lives. Buying a power wheelchair can completely transform a person’s ability to get around their house or travel and allow them to enjoy freedom in a way that they never have before. Purchasing a power wheelchair is a major decision and you want to make sure you have all the facts before you come to a decision.

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Standard Power Wheelchairs:Standard power wheelchairs are powered by an electrical motor to assist individuals with their movement. People use power wheelchairs when pushing a manual wheelchair is too difficult or simply impossible. Most standard power wheelchairs are very customizable with the ability to choose a range of options such as the drive location, seating and joystick type. Because of their size, standard power wheelchairs can be difficult to transport.

Travel Power Wheelchairs: Unlike standard power wheelchairs, travel power wheelchairs are designed for people on the go. While still being motorized, they have the ability to be easily stored when traveling in a car or on a plane. They usually weigh less than 100 pounds and are easily maneuverable. However, their short battery life does mean that they can’t be used for long outings.

Folding Power Wheelchairs: Much like travel power wheelchairs, folding power wheelchairs are a great choice when you need enhanced mobility. Folding power wheelchairs have the ability to be folded up when they are being stored during travel – such as in the trunk of a car or the cargo hold of a plane. But they have much longer battery lives than travel wheelchairs, making them a good choice for longer trips such as vacations, or outings where a person might be away from a charger for an extended period of time.

Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs: When patients weigh more than 350 pounds, they require special power wheelchairs. Also known as bariatric power wheelchairs, heavy duty power wheelchairs feature accommodations for larger individuals. These units can typically support the weight of a person up to 500 pounds with reinforced frames and larger seats. They usually have the same options and comfort features of standard power wheelchairs.

Rehab Power Wheelchairs: Adjusting to life in a wheelchair can be extremely difficult for anyone. Having the right wheelchair can help to ease some of the burden caused by this lifestyle change. Rehab power wheelchairs are designed for people with traumatic mobility injuries who need to adjust to their new life using a wheelchair. These models can be designed for everyday use or for situations such as traveling over rough terrain.