Manual Wheelchair Rentals

At Daily Care we offer a wide selection of different wheelchairs for rental. All of our wheelchairs are in stock and available. We offer the lowest prices on all of our rental wheelchairs. Every rental wheelchair is cleaned and sanitized before it comes to you. Our rental wheelchairs are available for pickup at our showroom in Tarzana. Please call if you are interested in renting a wheelchair 818-705-0606.

Did something happen and you need to rent a wheelchair. Daily Care Medical Equipment and Supplies is your source for all medical supplies and wheelchair rental needs, whether you need them for long-term or short-term temporary condition. Choosing to rent a wheelchair instead of purchasing can be a huge savings for short-term needs. To make it convenient for you, we provide you with monthly or weekly rental options for our wheelchairs available for ren

Insurance Rentals – Most insurances today have contracts with medical equipment and supply companies. Unfortunately you may not have a choice on type and quality of the manual wheelchair. You will also not have a choice on the company you get when going through insurance. Additionally, you may not have a choice when it comes to renting or purchasing with your insurance.

Private Rentals – Paying for a manual wheelchair privately enables the customer to choose the quality of the company and manual wheelchair they need. Daily Care rental costs for manual wheelchairs are much cheaper than the competition. Daily Care employees are ready to answer any questions you may have. Please call 818-705-0606 today.

Rent to Own – All of the manual wheelchairs rented from Daily Care can be setup for a rent-to-own program. If you are unsure of your short-term or long-term needs, Daily Care allows you to apply the rental fees towards the purchase of the manual wheelchair being rented. Please speak with a Daily Care employee about our rent-to-own programs 818-705-0606.

Equipment Cleaning & Maintenance – We only offer the best quality manual wheelchairs for rental or sale regardless of the price and take the time to make sure that they are in perfect working condition, cleaned and sanitized before they leave our store. All our manual wheelchairs are inspected and maintained in perfect working condition by trained technician employees of Daily Care.

Delivery & Pickup Daily Care offers delivery and pickup to most locations in Los Angeles area (Fees Apply). Most of our manual wheelchairs are available for same day or next day delivery. We use our own trained technician employees to deliver, set-up and instruct customers on proper use of all rented or purchased manual wheelchairs.