Respiratory Care

Respiratory care is critical for patients dealing with a variety of medical conditions. Equipment can be used for people with long-term medical conditions such as COPD, or it can be a short-term solution for people recovering from surgeries or illnesses. You can find the best selection of in-home respiratory equipment here at Daily Care, Inc. We also stock a wide range of travel respiratory products such as portable oxygen concentrators along with CPAP machines and accessories.

The products we carry include:

Oxygen Concentrators: The days of needing bulky and awkward canisters to receive oxygen treatments are in the past. Today’s oxygen concentrators are a step forward in design and usability. Instead of using oxygen from a cylinder that needs to be replaced by a profession on a regular basis, an oxygen concentrator recycles natural air and converts it into enriched oxygen at exactly the right mixture as prescribed by your doctor.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators: Using a portable oxygen concentrator gives patients the freedom to travel as much as they want while still receiving important respiratory therapy. Portable oxygen concentrators operate in the same way as regular oxygen concentrators, but are much smaller. They are portable enough to be taken in cars, and most models are now approved by the FAA for use during air travel. Using a portable oxygen concentrator means that a person can have access to enriched oxygen 24/7, a factor which can help to improve their comfort levels and long-term health.

Oxygen Home Fill: The Invacare HomeFill is an innovative solution for patients who are using portable oxygen systems that require canisters. It allows patients to perform their own oxygen home fill rather than needing to rely on a delivery system. With the Invacare HomeFill, patients have access to a limitless supply of oxygen-enriched air and can maintain their feeling of comfort and independence. Packages are available in a multitude of sizes, using lightweight and portable containers.

Suction Machines: Also known as aspirators, suction machines are vital pieces of medical equipment for people who have surgeries such as tracheostomies that can cause mucus, blood or other fluids to build up in their airways. These issues can lead to discomfort and in some cases could even lead to a chest infection or other post-surgical complications. Suctioning is often done before and after meals, before and after going to sleep or before going outside.