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2 Position Lift Chairs: People who want a basic lift chair often rely on 2 position lift chairs. These models are ideal for reading or watching TV. They can recline to a 45-degree angle – like most standard recliners – but also tilt forward to help people rise from a seated position. They can also be placed in any position between fully erect and 45 degrees. 2 Position Lift Chairs are as comfortable as standard recliners and come in many stylish colors and looks.

3 Position Lift Chairs: 3 position lift chairs offer an extra level of potential comfort above what is provided by 2 position lift chairs. Rather than stopping as a 45 degree angle, 3 position lift chairs can recline all the way back until they are almost totally flat – with only the headrest being slightly elevated. These types of lift chairs are great for people who know they will be taking naps in the recliners along with watching TV or reading.

Infinite Position Lift Chairs: If you are looking for a lift chair that does fully recline, you will want to consider an infinite position lift chair. These lift chairs can reach a complete 180-degree angle, allowing people to stretch their legs and rest completely flat. They are called infinite position lift chairs because they have two motors – one for the legs and one for the back – that allow the two pieces to move interchangeably. This means that a person can achieve an infinite number of positions.

Zero Gravity Lift Chairs: Study after study have shown that resting with your legs above your heart is an extremely helpful position for improving blood flow. This can be extremely helpful for people with circulatory issues. In addition, this position can help to improve lung capacity and provide comfort for sore muscles. Zero gravity lift chairs are infinite position lift chairs with the ability to have the head and chest rest at a lower position than the legs.

Heavy Duty Lift Chairs: Lift chairs are especially important for people who have weight issues. Bariatric patients can struggle to stand up from recliners because they are fighting gravity and their own bulk. Heavy duty lift chairs are designed for larger individuals – typically people weighing more than 350 pounds – and can help them relax comfortably. They can have weight capacities of 500 to 700 pounds and are usually designed to be wider in order to accommodate larger body types

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