Hill-Rom Synergy Air Elite Low Air Loss Alternating Pressure Mattress Rental

Synergy Air Elite Low Airloss Brochure
Hill-Rom (Model: Rent-SAE)
Monthly: $895.00
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The Hill-Rom Synergy Air Elite uses a tri-cell therapy system to offer top of the line skin protection and prevent against skin breakdown. This mattress is only available for rent with the Hill-Rom CareAssist ES Deluxe Long Term Care Bed Rental!

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Disassembles Weight Capacity Sleep Surface
N/A 600 lbs 80" x 35.5"

Ideal for users with Stage III or IV Pressure Ulcers


With its choice of therapies, the  Hill-Rom® Synergy® Air Elite enables caregivers to create customized treatments for their patients. The surface provides flexibility throughout the healing period by providing the option to choose alternating pressure therapy when your patient needs it.

The comfort control feature facilitates pressure redistribution to suit the individual needs of your patient and the low-air-loss capability helps keep your patient's skin cool and dry.


  • Low air loss therapy for moisture control helps keep the skin cool and promotes a dry healing environment
  • Alternating pressure therapy provides pressure redistribution for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers
  • Individual air cushions have adjustable pressure to suit individual patient comfort needs
  • Waterproof and vapor permeable ticking
  • Max inflate provides uniform firmness to accommodate caregiver procedures and safe transfers
  • 2.5” foam base provides support in the event of a power failure
Standard Length80" 
Standard Width36"
Standard Height10"
Therapeutic Patient Weight Limit600 lbs.
Weight33 lbs.
Flammability16CFR1633, 16CFR1632, and Cal 129 only