Standard Hospital Beds

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Finding the right hospital bed is extremely important for people who have long-term illnesses and will be receiving home health treatment. Having a comfortable bed can help them to feel more comfortable during their convalescence and help them to avoid bedsores and other potential health issues. High-quality hospital beds can also assist caregivers in performing the daily tasks they need to do with their patients.Continue Reading

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Daily Care, Inc. has a large selection of standard hospital beds at our Southern California showroom. We only stock products from the leading brands in the industry. You can visit our showroom or browse our site to see the latest and most popular Medline and Invacare standard hospital beds, to name a few top manufacturers.

When selecting a standard hospital bed, you’ll need to choose from several options. One of the first choices is deciding between manual or electric hospital beds. The difference is in how the bed is adjusted. With electric hospital beds, adjustments to height of the bed or to the position of the head and legs is done by pushing buttons or controlling a remote. With manual hospital beds, this is done by turning a series of cranks.

Electric hospital beds are much more convenient than manual beds but are more expensive. A popular choice that splits the difference are semi-electric hospital beds. These beds often have electrical controls of head and leg positioning but rely on hand cranks to control the height of the bed. Choosing the right bed comes down to knowing how often you will need to make adjustments and what your budget is for a bed.

Along with regular-sized hospital beds, Daily Care, Inc. also has a premium selection of heavy duty standard hospital beds for larger individuals. Bariatric hospital beds are designed for people who weigh up to 600 pounds. They are extra wide and strong and will give extra support to larger patients while still allowing them to relax in comfort.

Visit Daily Care, Inc.’s San Fernando Valley showroom to see all of the electric and manual hospital beds we have available. Our sales staff can answer any questions you have and make sure you are making the right purchase.