Joerns Ultracare XT Hospital Bed Rental

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Optional Side Rails
Optional Premium Mattress Upgrades
Over-The-Bed Table
Optional Trapeze Bar
Joerns Healthcare (Model: UCXT-Rent)
Monthly: $545.00
What's Included
Deluxe Hospital Bed
Foam Mattress
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The Joerns Ultracare XT Hospital Bed is an ideal bed for patients with short term or long term needs. The Joerns Ultracare XT bed offers advanced positioning that can place patients in an infinite number of healing and relaxing positions. The bed goes down to 7" from the floor and 30" high. This is great for patients who are at a fall risk and require a safe sleeping environment as well as to assist caregivers. The Joerns Ultracare XT bed is delivered and set up into the home by our highly trained technicians. The Joerns Ultracare XT bed is always in stock and ready for same day or next day delivery.

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Disassembles Weight Capacity Sleep Surface
No 500 lbs 35" x 80"

Joerns Ultracare XT Deluxe Home Care Bed Rental

Joerns UltraCare XT Long Term Care Bed is available for rental to all our local customers residing in Los Angeles and surrounding Southern California cities. Our Joerns bed rentals are in great condition, any previously rented ultracare bed must undergo a thorough cleaning and sanitation. The Long-term home care bed rental comes with an orthopedic foam mattress, independent wooden head and footboards, a hand pendant, and the advanced positioning system (Trendelenburg and Chair Position). This long-term home care bed, has a weight capacity of 500 lbs. This bed also features a "Roll at Any Height" option, which allows the bed to be moved while set to any height between 7" and 30". The UltraLock wheels ensure safety and security while the bed is mobile. Other mattresses are available

About The Joerns Ultracare XT Deluxe Home Care Bed Rental

Introducing the evolutionary UltraCare XT from industry leader, Joerns Healthcare. It is safer, more comfortable, faster and easier to use, with advanced features that no other bed offers. But what truly sets the UltraCare XT apart is its unprecedented versatility. A design that transforms both the healthcare industry and your facility’s ability to provide superlative care in exceeding the unique and varied needs of your residents. The UltraCare XT’s multi-faceted features enable you to use this bed across a broad array of service options. From standard to deluxe resident rooms, or short stay and bariatric applications, the UltraCare XT delivers flexible care solutions. It is the next-generation bed that is extraordinary in every way excellence is measured.


  • Underbed Clearance: 23 3/4"
  • Maximum Back Angle: 65° to Horizontal
  • Maximum Knee Angle: 35° to Horizontal
  • Maximum Knee to Leg Angle: 45°
  • Sleep Surface: 35"W x 80"L
  • Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Optional Short Side Rails: Additional $55
  • ***Full Side Rails NOT AVAILABLE for this bed!***


Q: Does this bed offer full side rails?
A: No, the Joerns UltraCare XT only offers half side rails that go up by the head of the bed.

Q: What are the Trendelenburg and cardiac positions?
A: The Full and Reverse Trendelenburg position allows multiple positions of the bed to accommodate the needs of circulatory or respiratory users. Trendelenburg positioning makes many versatile, clinical positions possible to meet the needs of individual users.
The cardiac position can transform itself from a bed to a chair - and anywhere in-between. It is fully electric and is push button controlled with the hand pendant and/or optional footboard embedded controls. It provides infinite-positioning. This allows for the user to eat or watch television while in the hospital bed.

Q: Why should I choose this bed over the basic full-electric hospital bed?
A: The Joerns UltraCare XT offers much more features than the basic full-electric hospital bed. The Joerns UltraCare XT hospital bed is able to go up to 30" of height and as low as 7". This makes it easy for the user to get in and out of the bed on their own. The bed also offers a cardiac position, allowing the user to sit and eat or watch television while still being in the bed. All in all, the Joerns bed is much easier to use and will be much more comfortable for the user using the bed.

Side Rails Options

This bed only comes with half side rails.

Half Side Rails
Half Side Rails

1st Set Included with Rental

  • Provides assistance when getting in and out of the bed
  • Covers from the shoulder to the head of the bed
  • Easy one button rail drop down system
  • Allows for the user to move in and out of the bed

Additional set of Side Rails For Legs $45/Month

Extension Kit Options

This bed comes in 80"x35", 84"x35" & 84"x42"

84"x35" Extension Kit + Mattress + Foam Bolster


  • Provides extra sleep space for user's taller than 6'2"
  • Pressure Prevention mattress protects against skin breakdown
  • Specially designed PrevaMatt® foam bolsters are available to add length to your mattress surface
84"x42" Extension Kit + Mattress


  • Provides extra sleep space for user's taller than 6'2" and a wider bed for added comfort
  • Pressure Prevention mattress protects against skin breakdown

Mattress Rental Options

Below are the mattress options that come with this bed rental. You should consider the users risk of developing Pressure Ulcers or if the user already has Pressure Ulcers you should pick a mattress that's designed for their stage.

Basic Foam Mattress
Basic Foam Mattress

Included With Rental

For users at Low Risk of developing Pressure Ulcers

  • Two-layer construction provides pressure redistribution
  • Precision-cut design top layer
  • 250 lbs. Maximum Weight Capacity
Medline Advantage Contour 3.3 Support Mattress
Medline Advantage Contour 3.3 Support Mattress


Ideal for users at High Risk of developing Pressure Ulcers

  • The sculpted top layer has independent load-bearing cells that help reduce shear while creating airflow, for outstanding pressure redistribution, support and comfort.
  • Three anatomic zones in top layer
  • Super-soft sloped heel
Roho Sofflex 2 Air Mattress Replacement System
Roho Sofflex 2 Air Mattress Replacement System


Ideal for users with Stage I or II Pressure Ulcers

  • Roho’s Shape Fitting Technology allows for redistribution of pressure which provides protection for the skin and soft tissue.
  • Three separate sections create a multi-zoned support surface, allowing for a more personalized fit and maximum adjustability.
  • Inflation ports on side allow for quick & easy access and inflation to each section.
  • The cover not only is fluid-resistant, but flame-resistant as well. The cover can easily be disinfected and cleaned without damaging or ruining the material.
Invacare MA55 Alternating Pressure w/ On-Demand Low Air Loss Mattress
Invacare MA55 Alternating Pressure w/ On-Demand Low Air Loss Mattress


Ideal for users with Stage II or III Pressure Ulcers

  • Pressure adjustments available for customized comfort for the user (25%, 50%, or 75%).
  • Manual fowler button is there to prevent bottoming out
  • Dual layered & quilted nylon cover aids in the reduction of friction and shear
American National Alternating Pressure w/ On-Demand Low Air Loss Mattress
American National Alternating Pressure w/ On-Demand Low Air Loss Mattress


Ideal for users with Stage III or IV Pressure Ulcers

  • Domestic high strength mattress construction
  • Fowler feature for seat inflation when head is elevated
  • Dual modes of therapy
  • Power consumption is kept at a minimum
  • Lockout to eliminate unintentional settings change
  • Caregiver is alerted by the sensor alarm if and when there is a kink in the hose or a leak in the mattress

Optional Hospital Bed Accessories

In addition to your hospital bed with side rails rental and mattress rental you can also add additional items to fit your needs better.

Over-The-Bed Table Rental
Over-The-Bed Table Rental


  • Gives the user the advantage to read, write, eat, etc.
  • The table is on wheels, allowing the user to be able to move it out of their way if necessary.
Trapeze Bar
Trapeze Bar


  • The trapeze can be added for rehabilitation needs and adjusts to accommodate most residents’ reach, with three working positions for greater flexibility.
Weight Capacity 500 lbs
Bed Length 80"
Bed Width 35" (Standard), 39", 42"
Bed Height 7.5 to 30.5"
Underbed Clearance 24"
Maximum Back Angle 65°
Maximum Knee Angle 35°