Rehab Equipment Rentals

Daily Care provides users with the option to rent Rehab Equipment, with a wide array of options to meet any specific requirements or needs. The products that are included for rent are Transfer Aids, Sit-to-stand Lifts, Standing Electric Wheelchairs, Electric Wheelchairs and Folding Wheelchairs. These equipment are made with a variety of benefits and provide assistance to users in numerous ways, maintaining safety, comfort and support throughout every use. These Rehab Equipment Rentals are durable and made of high quality.

Weight Weight Capacity
70 lbs. 450 lbs.
Weekly: $300
Monthly: $450
Weight Weight Capacity Disassembles Heaviest Piece Top Speed Range
300 lbs. 265 lbs. No N/A 5 mph Up to 25 mi.
Rehab Standing Electric Wheelchair Rental by Permobil (Model: Rent-Standing-Power-Chair)
Weekly: $650.00
Monthly: $1,400.00
On Display
Weight Weight Capacity Disassembles Heaviest Piece Top Speed Range
260 lbs. 300 lbs. No N/A 5-6 mph Up to 16 mi.
Rehab Electric Wheelchair Rental (Tilt, Recline, Power Legs & Elevating Seat) by Permobil (Model: Rent-Rehab-Power-Chair)
We have available Permobil, Amy's System, Sunrise Medical, Quantum Rehab wheelchairs for you to choose from.
Weekly: $400.00
Monthly: $900.00
Same-Day Delivery
Weight Weight Capacity
70 lbs. 350 lbs.
Rifton Tram Lift (Gait Trainer & Sit-To-Stand Lift) Rental by Rifton (Model: Rent-Rifton-Tram-Lift)
The Rifton Tram Lift is a two in one lift that offers both transferring and gait training (walking). The lift allows for the user to be lifted with either support straps for transferring or a walking harness to help stand the patient up then begin walking around with the lift. For patients in need of walking rehabilitation the Rifton Tram can be a great option.
Weekly: $349.00
Monthly: $599.00
Weight Weight Capacity Seat Width Seat Depth Folding Footrests
<20 lbs. 250 lbs. 14" - 18" 14" - 18" Yes / No Included
Deluxe Folding & Rigid Ultra Light Wheelchair Rental by TiLite (Model: Rent-Deluxe-Wheelchair)
Our high end deluxe ultra light wheelchairs are highly customizable and are subject to availability.
Weekly: $250.00
Monthly: $450.00
  • Transfer Aids: Transfer Aids purpose is to assist users with transferring to wheelchairs, beds, etc. without excessive strain or difficulty for both the caregiver or user. It simplifies the process tremendously for greater convenience, while also keeping the users safe and comfortable. In addition, it gives users the chance to bear more weight as they go through their rehab. It maintains support with the use of knee/foot pads, back support and handles. Transfer aids are designed specifically for those who require extra assistance with transferring from different areas, and provides the extra support and strength that users lack.
  • Sit-to-stand Lifts: Sit-to-Stand Lifts aid users in the process of standing up, all without creating any extra pain. It is best fit for users who have some mobility, but do not have the strength to rise on their own from a bed, couch, etc, and require extra assistance. In addition, it is best fit for users who are able to endure some weight. Sit-to-Stand Lifts greatly decrease the risk of falling for users, and provide extra convenience and support for both the caregivers and users.
  • Electric Wheelchairs and Folding Wheelchairs: Electric Wheelchairs are designed to accommodate a wide range of weight capacities, and can reach various different speeds and mile ranges. Folding Wheelchairs are made with transportation and storage in mind, as they are compact and easy to transport from different areas. Both wheelchairs provide comfort, convenience and independence to all users.